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  1. Anyone been thinking of one of these for some late night stargazing? Selk Bag 1: Version 2.0 | IWOOT I wonder who'll be first to buy one.....lol Alan.
  2. Belfastman1958

    stacking barlows

    As with everything in life......you don't get something for nothing. You may well get X4 from the stacked Barlows but you will also get some detraction of optical quality. How much exactly depends on the quality of the lenses. Only one way to truly find out......try it and see. I'd be interested in hearing your findings. Alan.
  3. Belfastman1958

    Yet another Irish meteorite

    Maybe they all landed at the end of the rainbow....hence giving rise to the silly legend of finding gold there.......??
  4. Yep.......Winavi seems to be a good all rounder for converting video files. Alan.
  5. Belfastman1958

    Hi from Northern Ireland

    Hi Ivan...welcome to the site. Where are you? I'm in Newtownabbey. Alan.
  6. Belfastman1958

    Where to buy equipment in Northern Ireland

    AJM Photocentre, Newtownards road. North Down Telescopes, 4 Ailsa Park, Bangor. Based in Belfast, John Gould & Son specialise in the retail of binoculars and telescopes. There are some dealers in and around the Belfast/North Down area. As for surcharges, If the company ships by Royal Mail, or Parcelforce then it's the same charge throughout the UK - that includes the Highlands and Islands. If you think that the surcharges are too high then why not request that the company ship by Royal Mail. Alan.
  7. Belfastman1958

    Where to buy equipment in Northern Ireland

    Hi. If you Google "Telescopes in Belfast" you will get a list of dealers in the surrounding area. I've been to a couple of these shops and their prces seem reasonable. You might also want to try Gumtree.Belfast for some 2nd hand stuff. That's where I got my latest scope at a very good price. Alan.
  8. Belfastman1958

    Christian Astronomy Books?

    Not wanting to start a discussion, but I once read "The Gospel In The Stars" by Bulinger. Leans more to astrology than astronomy, but mildly interesting anyway.
  9. Belfastman1958

    Storage case for my scope?

    Wow.......Thanks for the suggestions so far. Was looking for something that could be lifted to transport the scope and stuff around when moving it outside. Something along the lines of a disused case for a guided missile, perhaps? Seriously though. Been looking around B&Q and also EvilBay. Just wondered if anyone on here knew of something that is already being used. Astro_babe....just love that box for inside storage. Very classy....;-) Alan.
  10. Hi folksies..... After recently purchasing my Skyscanner 200P I'm now looking for a storage case/box to keep it in. Some of you folks were able to offer me top advise about purchasing the scope so I'm not turning to you again to see what you would recommend for this. My scope is not a permanent set up and gets carried into and out of the house every time it is used. Any thoughts? Alan.
  11. Belfastman1958

    2nd hand Skywatcher Explorer -150P Query.

    I have been succesfully using the scope during the few clear nights that we have had and have really enjoyed seeing my first clear view of Saturn and the other popular targets in the sky. But as the scope is not going to be a permanent setup in the garden I'm looking for something to store it in. So. My next question is.......Has anyone any thoughts on a storage box/case that the scope can be kept in to avoid damage? So......Over to you guys.......Thanks. Alan.
  12. Belfastman1958

    2nd hand Skywatcher Explorer -150P Query.

    Ok folks. i bit the bullet and took your advice. Bought the telescope today and hope to have it out within the next few nights. Many thanks for all your help and advice on what to look for. The scope seems to be in very good condition but will check the optics later. Will keep you all posted. Alan.
  13. Belfastman1958

    2nd hand Skywatcher Explorer -150P Query.

    Wow....I knew that i'd come to the right place for advice. That all sounds good stuff. Certainly a lot of simple things that can be quite important if faulty/missing/wrong. Thanks for the help and advice guys. Might do a follow up post and let you know how I get along with the item. Once again, thanks for all your help. Alan.
  14. Belfastman1958

    2nd hand Skywatcher Explorer -150P Query.

    Sorry. I wasn't specific enough indeed. The article that is for sale is the skywatcher scope with the stand and mounts. All for £140.
  15. Hi. I'm going to look at a pre-owned Skywatcher Explorer -150P this week. I don't know anything about these scopes other than what is read on the net. Any pointers on what I should look for? Seller has it sitting at £140. Thanks. Alan.

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