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  1. Wonderful clear sky here to. Just got done with a 2 hour session. Started with the moon. You were right John, I don’t need any filters to view the moon with either my 30mm or 9mm on my 12” dob. I definitely need to start learning the topography of the moon. Actually found and tracked M3 and Arcturus intentionally instead of accidentally. And also spent some time with Jupiter. Great stargazing session!
  2. Thanks for the comments and info. I can't wait to view the moon again...
  3. That is a fine scope! Congrats BobSki!
  4. Wow, wow and wow... A few hours ago I took in my first view of the moon from my new dob. It was the first quarter. The clarity, color and sheer detail is breathtaking. With a Junk 9mm Plossl details were amazing and the moon did not move quickly from view. All in all, I only had about 15 minutes. I am so glad I made the effort. Can not wait to view the moon again. Next time I will give a more detailed description.
  5. Your eyes do not deceive you. I would like to say that I at least ordered a coke, but I didn’t. I suppose thanks are due to my sponsor…
  6. Well, I am incredibly new to astronomy, but I will chime in while you’re waiting to hear from the pros. Yes you can mount a dob optical tube on an equatorial mount in the future; others will have experience with doing so and can give you the pros and cons. They also make equatorial bases for dobs, so that is an option also. I love my 12” dob, but I am definitely looking forward to getting a smaller Newtonian that will be easier to move. So far I purchased a Giottos rocket blower to blow dirt and crud off the primary. My next purchase will be a steering knob and an eyepiece filter for reducing glare.
  7. I laughed too. Trap door sounds cool. Will have to add that to my list of future upgrades.
  8. Thanks for the comments and suggestions,I will have to check those out.
  9. It was knobby's idea. It does work. I was able to get everything of the primary except for one tiny speck of crud that doesn't want to come off. I have also found a few more uses for this rocket blower. It was a good purchase. thanks again knobby-
  10. Found m3 tonight by chance and tracked it for quite some time. Switched from My junk 30mm to my junk 9mm and it really popped. It was very cool, but with that junk 1.25” 9mm plossl, it moved quick. the pic is from wiki...
  11. Got my rocket blower today. Thanks again knobby- .
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