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  1. I use SkySafari+. I can link it to my NexStar 6E. Very impressed with it.
  2. I take my glasses off, but have them on one of those cord thingys round my neck so they are to hand when I need them.
  3. Sorry. Try this Astronomy - Eyewitness Companion (Paperback) - Ian Ridpath - 9781405394505
  4. I see The Book People are selling this handy little introduction to astronomy for £4.99 (instead of £12.99). I like these Eyewitness Guides. They are nicely illustrated and contain a wealth of information in a concise format. The Astronomy book makes a nice introduction. Astronomy - Eyewitness Companion
  5. Maybe it's an alien craft which only appears on April 1st
  6. Wow! Saturn is stunning. This motivates me to start imaging.
  7. I use SkySafari plus, also, linked to my Nexstar 6SE. I find it much better than the handset. It doesn't charge the iPad, but doesn't drain the battery much.
  8. Great images. Thanks for sharing them.
  9. I use SkySafari 3 Plus with my iPad linked to my Nexstar 6SE and find it works really well.
  10. Great to see these cards. I can just vaguely remember seeing some when I was a youngster. Thanks for posting. I for one would be interested in seeing the full set.
  11. Oops, I've just seen that you are in Canada http://stargazerslounge.com/images/icons/icon11.gif
  12. If you are in the UK, you can order from the Widescreen Centre. I bought the lead from FLO.
  13. You can use Sky Safari + (don't need the pro version). You also need Southern Stars Skywire serial accessory and a standard PC serial cable for your telescope (see Southern Stars • Products • SkyWire). I use it with my Celestron 6SE connected to my iPad. Once connected it will show on the iPad where the telescope is pointing, will enable you to get info about that or any other object, and will goto any object you select in Sky Safari. Hope this helps.
  14. Likewise, very happy with my 6SE, but don't have anything else to compare it with. I can now connect the 6SE to Sky Safari on my iPad for a really good go-to experience
  15. Thanks for posting, but Link comes up with 'This bundle is private'
  16. I went for a much cheaper option, An 18mm reticule eyepiece from Scopes'n'skies £24.99, including postage. ScopeTeknix Classic 18mm Reticule Eyepiece (wide angle) It's not illuminated, but that doesn't seem to be necessary. I tried it out last night and also experienced a major improvement in my alignment
  17. I'm away from home for the next couple of weeks, so can't check it out, but I think it would take larger binos.
  18. I have one. I haven't used it much yet, but it us great for a steady view. he only problem is that the image is reversed, which takes a bit of getting used to.
  19. I use Starry Night digital dowload for the Mac. $24.95 from Starry Night Store Starry Night Store | Starry Night Digital Download I find it slightly more user-friendly that Stellarium. You can also buy various add-on modules for it.
  20. I don't even get to type anything. The cursor is just a hand, moving the map around. Clicking it does nothing. I am using an Apple Mac - maybe that is why.
  21. Well, my £9 zoom eyepiece arrived and I tested it last night. I was very pleasantly surprised. The view of Saturn on full magnification was quite good - not very different from my 25mm plus 2x barlow. It is rather stiff to adjust, which brings the danger of moving the scope. However for £9 it was worth it.
  22. Thanks for the tip. I've ordered one. If it's reasonable quality it will be an interesting introduction to zoom eyepieces.
  23. This procedure works every time for me with my 6SE. The only times it has failed to align first time are when I have made an error (failing to specify BST, incorrect date). Good luck
  24. I don't think anyone would claim that our current science explains everything. Scientists are open minded to being proved wrong. However, there is pretty strong evidence in support of Einstein's theory of relativity, under which it is impossible for matter to travel faster than the speed of light relative to an observer (yes, there is the anomoly of matter travelling through space which is itself expanding faster than the speed of light. You could use the same logic to claim anything, e.g. Do you think fairies exist? The answer to this question may depend on IF you think our current Science, maths explains everything about everything and can not be wrong. Or is it a limit to our own understanding of things at this time? What about open or closed minds,is yours open to change or is it closed and Science and math can not be wrong no matter what?My understanding is that science is a way of making the best possible sense of the world around us, given the evidence we have at present. Regards
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