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  1. Thanks,really,the Asi385mc is a great planetary camera,and Mak90 too!
  2. HI guys,some images of Mars. Mak 90/1250 Asi385mc 2x apo barlow lens Azgti mount.
  3. first shot of the moon with 72mm f6 apo refractor,fpl53+lantanio lens.
  4. Thank you, sorry for the colors but they are blind.
  5. Hi,i posted the ultimate shot of M45,last night,with 200 mm f5 newton,canon 550d camera,aze6 gt,no guiding. 33x60" 7flat 7dark
  6. and this with 550d canon,on movie crop
  7. Hi guy,my last mars with 200mm f5 newton,celestron xcell 3x barlow lens,Zwo asi120mc camera
  8. Hi,the last shots of mars Ts Photon Newton 200 f5 asi120mc camera 5x fmc barlow lens 3000 frame for one video.
  9. hi Nebula,i used Sharpcap for acquisition and Autostakker2 for processing.
  10. Some moon shots with 200mm f5 Ts Photon newton,celestron xcellx 3x barlow,Zwo asi120mc camera.
  11. Hi friends,i posted my shots of mars. 200mm f5 Ts Photon Newton celestron xcellx 3x barlow lens Zwo asi120mc camera
  12. Hy,i posted my shots of saturn,with Mak 90mm,5x barlow lens,philips spc900nc webcam.
  13. Hi guy...i posted the my ultimate images of moon. newton Sw Bd 150pds f5 barlow 5x asi120mc-s color
  14. Hi guys,i posted this shot of Plato and Valles Alpes region mak 90/1250 canon 550d barlow 5x
  15. and these a single acquisition of portion of the moon.
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