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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone some really good information. I did think about Rivington, is it ok? The Bolton Astro Society is quite close to me but I had a look on their website and it didn't really have much information about nights / places to go, not averse to joining the society though. Regarding Todmorden, I think that's a trip for me at a weekend it's about 33 miles away. Possibly this coming Saturday, what is it like on a Saturday night? Busy? Great tip with the upturned bucket happy-kat thank you. I notice you have the heritage 130p Johnny, do you set up on the floor? Thanks agai
  2. Hi all So finally I managed to get a working telescope delivered on 22nd January and since then through a combination of bad weather, clouds (I live between Wigan and Bolton which is perpetually cloudy) and illness I've only been able to get out with it this week. I've been in to my back garden a couple of times and one night got some great views of the moon then last night, without the moon's brightness I was able to do a bit more in depth viewing than I did the night when I just pointed at the moon. I managed to get Jupiter and four (I think) moons in view using the 10mm lens provided with t
  3. LTD

    Hi All

    Hi all Just to let you know, I did purchase the heritage 130p (from Amazon) but when it arrived one of the legs underneath the mount had snapped off in the box. Most frustrating as I now have to wait for them to receive it back before they issue a refund which is longer for me without the scope! argh
  4. LTD

    Hi All

    I did think about looking for a 2nd hand better quality scope, but I assumed the better they are the more complicated they are and I don't want to overcomplicate things for myself and get annoyed!
  5. LTD

    Hi All

    Thank you all for the warm welcome and advice, I think I'm pretty set on getting the heritage so thank you.
  6. LTD

    Hi All

    Thank you!
  7. LTD

    Hi All

    Good evening everyone. Just thought I'd introduce myself! My name is Lee, I'm 26 and I live in the North West of England, not too far away from Bolton. I have always been interested in stargazing without ever having a proper scope to do anything about it. I did get one for a birthday when I was younger but it wasn't very good and I didn't know how to work it so quickly forgot about it as a hobby. Anyway, I have my own family now and although my son is very young, I would like to get into stargazing properly myself so that if the time comes where he, like me, takes an interest in it, then I c
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