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  1. Just realised I used the wrong link to the review: http://7sharpnine.com/posts/dioptric-dilemmas-of-the-third-kind/
  2. I decided on an iOptron IEQ45 in the end, pics and review with my new Tak are here. Ive not used either of them enough for an in-depth review bit Im really pleased so far! :-)
  3. For anyone interested heres my quick review and pics: http://7sharpnine.com/posts/dioptric-dilemmas-of-the-third-kind/
  4. After getting my new 102mn Tak I'm looking at a mount suitable for future astrophotography. I was thinking of an ioptron zeq25, 30 or 45, would the 45 be serious overkill for the 102mm Tak or would the extra accuracy in the motor and gears pay dividends? I'm not strictly set on an ioptron so other suggestions welcome
  5. Objective-C, no functional swift :-) You know you want to ;-)
  6. Out of interest what model Atik cameras does this driver support?
  7. Out of interest what model Atik cameras does this driver support?
  8. One of the best ways to test software is to NOT have the programmer use and test their own software, user testing and feedback is really important. UX is an area where most software could do with improving. Most refactoring/reimplementing operations are going to be a big job no matter what, often its either that or live with the layers of hacks. Luckily functional programming is a lot easier than the mire that often results from object oriented programming. Luckily Im no longer part of that in my day job :-)
  9. Thats often the case with software, several years ago I embraced functional programming which tends to break programs down into small functions that can be easily tested and combined together. I found, coming from an object oriented language, that this was so much easier and made refactoring programs so much easier. Functional programming also mirrors mathematics with it being based on lambda calculus, so astro mathematical function tend to be easier to implement . I look forward to perusing your code :-)
  10. Like I said above, the act of learning by doing is also fun and rewarding, theres also the chance you will stumble among a novel solution that no one has thought of etc.
  11. Same goes for me, I don't even have a decent enough mount yet so Im still learning before I move onto astro imaging.
  12. Ah PIPP, I was looking at that the other day :-) I was interested in the processes involved in that. I suppose as I learn more I like to understand more, simply using a program is sometimes not enough, the act of figuring out a calculation and understanding it is also part of learning, for me anyway :-)
  13. Yeah theres some good reference material there, its still quite difficult to find any true open source code, or indeed in-depth documentation. I always seem to get most interested in the niche areas :-)
  14. While researching inferometer reports I noticed I couldn't find anything in that field, mind you, home brew inferometer test rigs and analysis are not the norm :-) I couldn't find a decent doublet or triplet lens designer either, there were a few online Java apps but the UI was mostly broken. Admittedly these two things piqued my interest while researching a new refractor, and being s programmer got me thinking about things.
  15. My day job is a software programmer, learning astronomy makes me wonder what sharp edges exist for astronomy software and what could be added to help newcomers and seasoned veterans. What are the biggest problems that are faced with what everyone is using? I noticed the current trend is for Windows software, personally I do Windows, Mac, iOS and Android software. I know this is a rather vague question but as a visual only observer Ive not come across a great deal of issues, Im guessing that will change if I head into astro photography though.
  16. Quick update, in the end I decided on a Takahashi 102s with feathertouch. Exciting! I normally blog about software etc but Im tempted to start writing about astronomy, at least some unboxing etc :-) Next step, mount upgrade ...
  17. I found it really difficult to control the camera adapter without vignetting and CA. The optics/ccd are not ideal compared to the ccd and flexibility in the SLR.
  18. The best I managed with a camera phone adapter was something like this: I ended up with a camera adapter for an SLR camera, then you can get something like this:
  19. My shortlist now has the Altair 115 F7 ED Triplet APO too. The thing I like about the APM 107 and the Altair 115 is they include the test report results.
  20. My Evostar 150 doesn't have any collimating screws on the lens cell, there are details in the instructions on collimating an adjustable lens cell, so I guess that was added later...
  21. I know what you mean, thats one of the things that concerned me. That being said I use the 150mm with the reducing cap on so effectively it must be stopped down to around 110mm anyway.
  22. Thats interesting, I never considered a CA filter, i do have a light pollution filter which cleans up things a bit.
  23. Im kind of put off upgrading the Sky-Watcher 150 as Im fairly picky with optics. Ive been looking at more APO's today Im kind of drawn to the Williams Optics FLT110 and the APM 107, both of those seems to have a really good build quality as well as good focusers as standard which sways me somewhat.
  24. What if imaging was going to be an option in the future? What would you plump for then?
  25. Hi, first post here :-) I currently have a 150mm Sky-Watcher refractor and was thinking of upgrading. I was originally thinking of a 8 inch CST like the Celestron C8 or the Vixen L200 but thinking about it further I think I would like to stick with a refractor. I was thinking of getting a good quality APO refractor, my budget is variable but around £1500 ish so maybe the Sky-Watcher Espirit ED 100 or maybe a 120mm model. Reasons for upgrading? The 150mm Sky-Watcher refractor is a bit of a beast to move about and store, and also the focussing and chromatic aberration tend to get in the way. Any recommendations? Cheers Dave.
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