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  1. They make a lot of sense for binoviewing, imo. In fact, I have found around 16-17 mm ER to be optimal to my eyes when bw-ing. BR, Anders
  2. If the Skywatcher 120ED is so good, I can’t see why the 150ED shouldn’t be also. The problems with the two scopes should pretty straight forward to resolve by any optical/telescope company. The 150ED just seems to be rushed out on the market before it was finished. Best Regards, Anders
  3. I think that I noticed slightly more clarity and contrast in my Baader Zeiss T2 prism, relative to my 2” GSO 99 percent reflective Quartz diagonal. Anders
  4. Very exciting! Looking forward to the report. I have never before owned a Skywatcher scope, still I am a bit surprised that the lens cell cannot be collimated. I think that the 188£ for the stronger rings and the Losmandy rail is a reasonable price. Best Regards, Anders
  5. Very tempting indeed! With FL only 1200mm it’s grab-n-go in my book? Regarding mounting it would sit nicely on my Ayodigi ll on the Uni28. This combo keeps my 4” f/12 (same length as this 150ED) steady. Do you think this trend continues with an eventual 175ED or so in the future? BR, Anders
  6. Was out with my 4” f/12 achro this warm night for some Lunar eclipse, Jupiter, Saturn and later Mars. Magnificent scenery to watch! Mars in the binoviewer at 96x was a big beautiful orange disk - perhaps I could see some structure, or it was just imagination? Planet edge was “boiling” at this magnification, so not optimal seeing. Saturn is a remarkable steady view compared to Mars and Jupiter. With some concentration I could see Cassini split in the ring. Titan could be seen, but not the smaller moons. Jupiters moons were fine small disks, and I could easily see their different
  7. John, I suspect it actually is the very same scope. Judging from the lens number I recall from your thread. BR, Anders
  8. Thank you. I was a bit concerned about CA when I bought it secondhand two years ago. But it seems not to bother me at the magnifications doable here in my area. I really love those 1’st generation black finished Istar scopes. I would also like to try the 150-15 and 204-9 - I think this mount can handle them. Too bad they don’t make these scopes any more. BR, Anders
  9. Hi, Here my Istar 150-12 on Ayomaster ll and Berlebach Planet. Best Regards, Anders
  10. I really love my Istar Perseus 6” f/12. In my current house and garden, handling is actually practical. These days obviously, with Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, either with my WO bino or my 14mm Delos provides wonderful views. Matches perfectly with the Ayomaster II/ Berlebach Planet combo. Would really like to try the Istar 6” f/15?. My shortest “grab’n-go” is my FrT100 (1200mm) with the Ayodigi II and Planet or Uni28. Best Regards, Anders
  11. How about the Fornax 52? It is high on my list. BR, Anders
  12. Hi, Also have a look at FrT100, based on the Istar 100-12 lens. You can have it with a Moonlite focuser or a cheaper option. frtelescopes.com Solidly built, and Frank is always there to assist you. This is my grab’n go scope on an Ayodigi mount and Berlebach tripod. Best Regards, Anders
  13. If not the two 20mm in my WO bino, 10mm and 14mm Deloi and the 18,2mm Delite. BR, Anders
  14. If you want a silent alt/az mount for visual: Ayomaster II or Ayodigi II. I have both - brilliant! Best Regards, Anders
  15. Thank you for all the input. I think that I will slowly double up my collection of TV Delite's, as funds become available. I just tried my 11mm and 18,2mm Delite's in the WO bino, and from a comfort perspective it suited me very well. An expensive approach yes, but long term I think this is right for me. Best Regards, Anders
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