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  1. Mr Frodo 57

    Making a start

    My first attempts at astrophotography
  2. http://www.uskastronomicalsociety.org.uk We meet on Thursdays. Why not pop along details are in the web link above.
  3. It's been a while since I last posted here.  Three years of astronomy class and now I've joined Usk AS.

    I enjoy astro imaging with a DSLR Canon 550D and some of my work is on my website 


    It's a bit out of date and some of my latest images are still on my computer as I've not had the time to upload anything due to various other projects.  Google have also changed the website hosting they do and I am not able to update it so I am looking elsewhere.  Why can't I update it, I use a Mac and Safari, the web browser doesn't work with the new Google setup.

    Anyway there's always another night.

    Clear skies all


  4. After all the stated issues in gathering the data I think this is a cracking image. I shall have to go back to my own data and see what I can do with it.
  5. Been building a website for the last 9 months or so.


    with some of my images on show.

  6. Not been here much this year. So some catching up to do. Just finished an astronomy course in croesyceiliog community college. No formal qualification but a great chance to meet others of the same mind each week. Will probably go back in September. I've been updating my website with some new pics from my light polluted window on the universe. https://sites.google.com/site/andrewsastropics/ My latest project is designed to get me away from the light pollution so I've just completed construction of a field battery/power tank. Have also put some images into the camera club f
  7. Just returned from a week in west wales where the sky was black and light pollution from nearby towns was a smudge on the horizon. The towns being Haverfordwest Milford Haven and Wales' smallest city St David's. Trouble was the skies were black because there was no light shining on the clouds and except for a few occasions the stars looked good but disappeared as soon as any imaging equipment was pointed skywards. the clouds being driven by winds of 50 to 70mph Despite that I did manage one undriven and unguided shot of the milky way which was half decent.
  8. Here's my offering for the eclipse from Monday night
  9. Hi guys good to meet some fellow stargazers last night. Hope to catch up with you all again soon.
  10. Did anyone go last night. It didn't clear until late here and I hadn't seen any email on it so assumed it was off. Did get some nice shots of the ring nebula at about 2:00am though. Need to spend sometime on the computer, processing them. Forecast for tonight doesn't look too bad up until 1:00am so will there be anyone there?
  11. OK thanks guys. Downloaded DSS 3.3.4. Now I can see my RAW files. Happy days
  12. I'm a newbie to astrophotography and having read Steve Richards excellent book 'Making Every Photon Count' have started to explore this exciting and frustrating branch of astronomy. I use a Canon EOS 550D on my skywatcher 200P mounted on a HEQ5 mount. I get good images (no trailing - at least not that I can detect at the moment) and take 10 or more of a target. So plenty of material to use. My problem arises when I try to stack these images in DSS. DSS doesn't like the Canon CR2 RAW files from my camera and simply displays them as a broad strip amounting to about a quarter of the frame fro
  13. Dates noted. Never been to such a group before so look forward to meeting other stargazers.
  14. Spiders!! Well that's easier than a small slug which found its way into my 200p. Probably when I set it down after a few hours observing recently as I was putting stuff away. I'll have to wash the mirror again sometime.
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