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  1. Hi and thanks for all the advice, Turn left at orion is a great book, bought one many moons back . Like the idea of the 200P although at the moment not really able to accommodate a Dobsonian mount at this time. The 150P is looking favourite.
  2. Hi to all SGL. I find myself with the time to look skyward again and after some wonderfully clear nights recently with my old scope (70/700 Bresser skylux) I found myself wanting something bigger. During my hunt for something new I found myself time and time again on the SGL pages so thought I'd best sign up, so much good advice on here. What do intend to buy? The SW Explorer 130P caught my eye but then I thought why not up it a bit and go for a 150PL either way go for a GOTO mount. What I want to see is good detail in the planets, nebulas that make my knees go weak and even try some astro pho
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