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  1. That's a nice sketch Chris. You obviously got a better view of the eclipse than I did, the Moon was much darker for me by 07:45 and I couldn't make out any detail on the lunar surface. Well done.
  2. Yup, The last Lunar eclipse at the winter solstice was in 1638.. a bit before my time.
  3. ...Horsehead or Crab Some more nebulae are Eagle, Cat's Eye, Blue Snowball, Eskimo, Rosette... and Black-Eye Galaxy. And Congrats
  4. I tried to get predictions from Heavens Above a few times, but it was always shown as not visible from Lincolnshire.
  5. I've got the dual RA/Dec motor set on my CG5. Mine has the same coloured wiring as yours, and the order is Red - Yellow - Brown - Green from left to right in your picture. It looks like your green wire is still attached, and it corresponds with the position of the green on my motor, but I can't absolutely guarantee that the wiring will be the same on yours, so try at your own risk, and don't come running to me if it explodes in a spectacular shower of sparks...
  6. ??? What makes you think that this was a wind-up? If it was meant as a joke then I would have ended it with an appropriately funny icon. Given some of the posts in this thread, I thought mine was pretty unremarkeable... but genuine!
  7. Nothing spooky, but last summer I saw a fireball that I can't properly categorise. (From my notes), On July 22nd 2009, whilst out observing, I spotted what I can best describe as a ball of fire travelling almost horizontally, about 25 degrees above the horizon. It resembled a burning football, with orange flames, trailing thick black smoke, and appeared to be travelling away from me. It disappeared or burnt up after a couple of seconds, and was unlike any meteor I've ever seen. I even thought it might possibly have been part of an aircraft, and scanned the news for several days after to see if any incidents were reported in the region, but nothing... I've kept it in my notes but I'm still not sure if it's astro-related.
  8. I used to buy both SAN and AN, but then I decided to save money and cut one out. IMO both magazines have their pluses, but in the end I found Astronomy Now gave me the better read, though I miss Keith Hopcroft's humour and Sir Patrick's input. I've never read the american mags yet but I'll try them following some of the comments here.
  9. Very sorry to hear this Pete, but glad they didn't get something more valuable. Have you reported the incident to the police yet? - I know they come in for a lot of flak, but you might be surprised...
  10. No Brantuk! We've got proper houses and all sorts up here. My remarks were intended to be a humerous riposte to Oh, never mind. I don't know why I bother...
  11. I was hoping I could avoid using a trailer if possible, but I haven't ruled them out entirely. I suppose the best thing to do is to give it a shot and see how I get on. There are some astro-types near me, and I'm a member of the local AS. But I work shifts, and making prior arrangements can often be difficult. I also like the freedom of going where I want when I want, and seeing as I'm often out on my bike at night, It makes sense to combine the two. I'm in Grimsby, by the way Oldfruit, but I don't live rough...
  12. Thanks guys... Some interesting feedback. Ep's and tripod are not a problem, my main concern was collimation, but if a Megrez can be transported then I'll certainly give it a shot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...
  13. Looking at dark-sky maps, I've noticed that there are some areas with virtually no LP further down the North Lincolnshire coastline, and temptingly close to home, within 20 or so miles. Yesterday I cycled 15 miles (30 mile round trip) to one nominal site, and at 18:00, and with no cloud, the sky was amazing. The Milky Way was good and bright, and even before my eyes had become dark adapted I was picking out constellations and naked-eye targets that are normally very difficult from home. I didn't stay too long though, because it was bitterly cold and I hadn't prepared for a long stay; this was just a look-see. The trip was worth it and I'd love to bring a scope down here, but I don't drive (by choice) and my preferred form of transport is a bicycle. I don't have a problem cycling long distances, even at night, but is it possible to transport a scope by bicycle? I have thought of using a fishing rod holder to carry the 5" refractor carefully padded, and saddle bags for an EQ3-2 mount, but I guess the scope could suffer serious collimation damage. I don't think a trailer would help either. I could of course get a smaller compact scope, but again I'd worry about the collimation. Anyone on here done astronomy on a bike or motorbike? Am I crazy for considering this?
  14. Stunned to read this. I've signed.
  15. If you can grab that hammer and return in 15 seconds, you'll be fine... From NASA: Human Body in a Vacuum
  16. I can see Ganymede's shadow clearly, but I'm about to lose Jupiter behind houses, and I don't want to move the front of the house, so I'm calling it a night. Hope it stays clear for you and looking forward to reading your report on the morning guys...
  17. With Ganymede just clearing the disc, and with Europa about to cross, Jupiter looks like it has tiny ears
  18. How you finding the seeing Mike? Doesn't look that good to my eyes...
  19. I now how you feel about not wasting a chance, Oldfruit. I feel guilty if I don't see at least something when there's a clear sky. Some nice visual targets there as well, M92, M57 and Albireo are amongst my favourites...
  20. I've never had to report on myself (I should be so lucky) but from googling 'reporting supernovae' I came up with this Supernova Links Good luck, Cat.
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