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  1. Thanx guys... Don't think it was the toolbag, that passed a few minutes earlier according to Heavens-Above. Unfortunately i missed the next pass 'cos i was watching for the (now aborted) shuttle launch, but i'll try for the next pass...
  2. Just watched the ISS pass over my location (22:30 - 22:35 BST). Also noticed another dimmer yellowish object travelling a short distance in front of the ISS. Can anyone tell me what this object was?
  3. I too am looking to try my hand at astrophotography and trying to decide which camera to go for. I've read magazine articles, on-line articles and scoured forums looking for advice, but despite the number of people using digicams, trying to find a definitive answer to `which camera...' is nigh-on impossible. I suspect that the main reason is because there is no definitive answer, and most users have their own opinion as to which is best. But your sticky-note idea is not a bad one. I've had an idea in my head for some time of some kind of Universal camera database listing as much technical information as possible for all camera makes & models, plus space for users opinions, links to modding resources, etc, etc... It would be a pretty large database, but if you were to start of with just a few common makes, then allow subscribers to add any information they have it could gradually build up into an invaluable resource for beginners and advanced users alike. I have even thought about starting a web-site myself for just that purpose, but... 1) I don't know anything about building websites 2) I know nothing about astro-imaging, I don't even have a digital camera yet 3) I think such a resource would be better located under the umbrella of an astro-forum Does anyone else at SGL think this might be achievable?
  4. Just been observing some NLC (02:30 -02:40 BST). Narrow banded type low in the sky, covering an area roughly 350 - 90 deg azimuth. Unfortunately I don't have a digital camera yet so can't provide images. Can anyone recommend a good compact for less than £150 for astro work?, or would I be better off putting the money towards a DSLR? (Sorry if this is a bit vague, but I'm new to this site and new to this reporting stuff)
  5. Did you know that if you invert an old eye-piece(look through the wrong end) that it's works as an eye-loupe? If you connect one to a webcam, you've got a USB microscope! Haven't tried this myself yet - just thought i'd throw it in...
  6. Reading through these posts, I'm struck by the similarities between them and my own story (which I'll give later)... Ashenlight, I too read Sagan's Cosmos and remember feeling a great affinity with Ellie's introduction to astronomy... great book but the film was disappointing -they missed out the best part, Grand Central station et al... Also remember eagerly watching every episode of the tv series... Looks a little dated now though. Considering the advances in astronomy since the 70's, this would be an ideal time for a remake.
  7. Hi everyone, Yes mike, I have already been to a couple of CDAS meetings at the observatory and hopefully will be there next Wed... Once again, thanx to all at SGL for the warm reception, looking forward to sharing many dark, clear nights ahead with you folks.
  8. Thanx for the warm welcome folks. Looks like a good night ahead, and the Tal1 is outside now cooling down in anticipation... Ashenlight, you should always try for a dark site for the Perseids - well worth it. I could afford a bigger scope, but want to get some observing experience behind me before commiting to expensive kit, but Orion's new RC range looks very tempting...
  9. Hi Folks... I first became interested in astronomy as a small boy, but got distracted by lifes more earthly pleasures as a teenager. My interests were renewed by the 2007 perseid meteor shower when I cycled 7 miles to watch away from urban light pollution. In November 2008 I was made redundant, and astronomy seemed like a good(cheap) way to fill my time. I started with a s/hand pair of bins and a s/hand 70mm spotter-scope - not ideal but it did give me my first glimpse of saturn and 5 of its moons. A couple of weeks ago I acquired a s/hand Tal1 which I am very pleased with. Just can't wait til the skies darken at my earth-home in North Lincolnshire...
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