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  1. I don't have this camera (I have the NexImage 5), but it should be good value for the money: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Celestron-NexImage-Lunar-Planet-Imager-CCD-Camera-93709-Easy-to-use-/231457804578?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35e3f5d122
  2. Hello, and welcome. I visited your town (Mérida) as a student when I was studying Spanish. Very nice!
  3. I think that if you want to see flares and filaments you need a real h-alpha scope, not just a Baader filter, with which you will mostly see the sun spots. With some post-work you could see some granulation also with a Baader filter, although not as beautiful as in h-alpha. PS: I have a Baader filter too.
  4. There are also some cheap webcams for telescopes on eBay (the advantage is that you don't have to modify them). Not for DSOs I think though. Just search for "telescope webcam".
  5. Yes. Additionally, you know, when I got started I looked at threads with astrophotography and the words "sharp" and "crisp" were used so often for good moon photos that i might have developed the wrong idea. Well, not really the wrong idea, but I exaggerated a bit.
  6. That's the only thing I don't like either. Otherwise it's a great forum!
  7. Oh, it would be just to share friends on my website.
  8. It's funny. I just looked at the original image and I like it more than the edited image. As I said in my original message it was my 6th astrophoto ever. I don't know, maybe our perception also changes with time? I think just a bit of editing could have done the trick... Do you think your taste changed since you started astrophotography?
  9. Thanks, everyone. Yes, it is probably also a matter of taste. I think I would like that image maybe 15-20% softer? I should have the original image somewhere (before sharpening), and I might try and see how it looks if I don't sharpen it so much, just as an exercise. Now I have the Neximage 5, so it is much easier of course.
  10. Thank you for the reply. I use a better equipment now that provides "naturally" sharper images from the very beginning, so they don't need much artificial post-work. I thought it was a bit unnatural/harsh too. I have noticed now because of my new equipment and looking back at my first images I thought something is not right...
  11. I was looking at my old astrophotography today, and was wondering when sharp is too sharp. Back then I had a very basic equipment. The attached photo for example was my 6th astrophoto ever, just taken in afocal mode. But is it TOO sharp? Have I sharpened it too much? Although I don't use that equipment any more, I am still wondering sometimes if too sharp might look unnatural? This is just an example. I did use to sharpen a lot back then. Cheers!
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