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  1. Yes it's full frame. Forgot to say that image had been cropped the original was equally effected left and right.
  2. I've using a Baader Mark-III MPCC Coma Corrector and using my Canon 6D on my Skywatcher 200p. Still experiencing coma at edges of the frame (or is this some other effect?). So simple question is can I improve upon this? And if so how? Example image attached (excuse the processing!).
  3. Think I might have sorted it with v3.3.5.122!
  4. Still can't make it work. My device installation settings now offer yes(recommended) or no (your device might not work). There is no longer the option for 'never install driver software from Windows update'. Tried Uninstalling latest windows 10 update but to no effect. Bought the tablet with windows 10 so can't go back to windows 8 as I've never had it. Am I missing something?
  5. Thanks all I'll have another go tonight. Tried Uninstalling, then couldn't find the don't install Windows update anymore (but found something that looked similar and related to updates from device manufacturer), then installed old drivers from the link, then plugged in scope and let it update, then go to rollback but it's greyed out?
  6. Just had the misfortune of a windows 10 update which seams to have upset eqdir from hi-tech astro. It apears you can no longer tell windows not to update drivers. This means the work around involving rolling back the driver that previously worked might not any longer. Any ideas welcomed but my windows 10 pad no longer talks to the telescope (and it did yesterday and I can't work out how to fix it!)
  7. Thanks Olly. I tried it last night and struggled! Not sure why still too sleep deprived to make sense of it all. All I know for sure is I spent 4hrs and failed to get a single image, also broke the game pad and maybe the usb slot on the pad! Grrrrr!
  8. Magnetic Declination could be it! Just checked outside and looks like I'm well off south! Clouds might be clearing so maybe time for another go!
  9. Nice one, you on the mobile app? I've sometimes struggled with that! Well I'll check next time I'm out (looks like the clouds rolling in might mean that's not tonight!)
  10. Just measured the fall (using the mobile) and it retcons there's a 1.5 degree fall on the concrete (not sure how accurate the measurement is). Not sure that would be measurable on the tripod bubble? Say front legs are ~1m apart 1.5degrees would be ~25mm so maybe that is it!. How critical is this likely to be?
  11. Pretty sure tripod is level (on a concrete plinth around the house). I'll double check once I set it up again. I've not even tried the polar scope being down south (but perhaps I should!). Like I said the 2 star alignment looked good and I was fairly happy that it was looking good. Def not a stupid question on the RA direction. I can't even find one! Looking at ASCOM Setup I'd assumed that setting Lat to 'S' in the location would do it as I couldn't see another setting. Same in Alignmaster which has Lat set to 'S'. In terms of PHD2 I can't find any settings relating to where the scope is. Does it work this out from the calibration? Max duration RA 2000 and (Dec 2000) in PHD2 (default I think). I know I shouldn't be getting significant movement over a 30s exposure (certainly didn't in the UK).
  12. Here's a processed (perhaps over processed!) complete image (reduced file size) will try again tonight if the clouds hold off!
  13. So first chance to get the scope going in anger since it arrive (4 months behind me) in NZ. Thought everything had gone pretty well until this morning when I zoom in on one of the lights (see attached). Note to self to check the 100% crop before setting the whole night's imaging off! All the frames are similar I'm grappling with a few new things at the moment (not least a change in hemisphere but also new windows 10 pad which often refuses to speak to the scope and/or the guide cam) so scratching my brains a bit about what I did wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Process so far: Rough alignment of tripod/mount using a compass, set-up and balance scope, wait for darkness. Use alingmaster to do a 2 star alignment and adjust Az & Alt as required and all looked pretty good after initially struggling to find the stars I was looking for! Repeat a couple more times on other pairs of stars (needing very minor adjustments so thought all was well) Slew to the target (ETA Carina in this case) using C2C. Focus on a bright star using a bahtinov mask. Set PHD2 running. I've ignored a warning in PHD saying that it can't keep up with RA adjustment (next mistake!) Rattle of lights only 30s exposures ISO 3200 (noting I needed to recentre after about 30mins another warning sign missed!) Pack up whilst shooting darks & bias So I am wondering is this just poor polar alignment? Or have I not told all the bits of software (EQMOD, Alignmaster, APT, C2C) my correct location? Or is this something else? Thanks in advance. Another go tonight hopefully (clear skies please!)
  14. From the album: part processed images

    Polar alignment issue?
  15. So I'm now in NZ and the scope has finally arrived (in the same number of pieces as it left the UK in September!). Managed to get out last night for a quick go. Quickly realised I should face South now, but wait no Polaris! So I had done a little prep and knew it would be different here. Not really sure where to start I roughly pointed the tripod to the south, pointed it up at about the right angle and headed to Alignmaster. Did a couple of 2 star alignments pretty easily (guess it must have been nearly south and nearly right angle) and managed to point the scope at a bight ish part of the sky (in this case trusty old M42). Rattled off a few quick shots without tracking and they came out pretty well (new coma corrector and focuser making life much better already!). So here's the question, how good does the alignment need to be once I turn on the PH2 tracking (few technical issues with that last night then the clouds came rolling in before the pad could find the guidescope)? Navigation is a little tricky if I'm off with the alignment/home position but I just go to a bright ish star nearby (to my target), moving the scope with the pad to centre the star in the finder scope and then main scope (and focussing here normally using the mask) and then re-centre Cartes du Ciel to match the scope. Then when I ask C2C to slew to the deep space object I want to image it is usually pretty close to centre at this point and I can re-compose/re-frame the image before I start tracking and shooting. Will PH2 be able to make enough adjustments if I'm not all that well aligned? Or do I need to spend more time/effort getting a better alignment (I'm on a tripod so am doing this everytime I go out not once and leaving the scope set-up in an observatory). And if so how do I achieve this in the Southern Hemisphere?! Thanks in advance
  16. I know there have been a few threads on use of tablets. Finally got mine up and running but I'm struggling with windows updating drivers for the SSAG and EQDIR even when 'Device Installation Settings' is set to 'No, let me choose what to do' and 'Never Install diver from windows update'. Issue as follows: Installed all software and followed EQDIR adapter (Hitech Astro) installation guidelines for Windows 8 here http://www.firstlightoptics.com/user/Hitecastro_EQMOD_Win8.pdf After a lot of playing around get it to work and leave device installation setting to never update Switch off tablet and pack up telescope and next night same issue. End up rolling back driver, reinstalling playing around another half a dozen times and eventually it works again! Then try drivers for Orion Star Shoot Auto Guider (SSAG). Same issue get it working but everytime I shut down the tablet and restart the devices don't work straight off the bat. blumming windows 10 thinks it's being clever but every time stops all my hardware working! Do eventually get it to work though and am sure it'll be a great little set-up once these teething issues are sorted, will see if it works tonight! Rant over (any advice welcomed!)
  17. Anyone tried using a lighting truss (such as http://www.surplustronics.co.nz/product/MQ29020/info-477.pdf?1397169945) as a pier? Interested to know if they are stiff enough? Using a NEQ6, 200p etc. etc. (see my footer) for astrophotography. Far too many vibrations with tripod sitting on the deck. I have to go through the deck to a fixing about 1.5m below (and then up about a meter to the mount). Needs to be lightweight so I can remove it myself (since it's a rented property) and then hinge the deck closed over the top (so the landlord doesn't see what I'm up to!) Thanks in advance
  18. Tech question here does anyone know if there is a difference between M48 spacer ring (part no. 2458405) recommended in the MPCC Mark III sheet (http://www.baader-planetarium.de/sektion/s30/download/mpcc-mIII-en.pdf) and the S52/M48 adapter ring (http://www.firstlightoptics.com/user/manuals/baader_protectiveT-Ring-CanonEOS-en.pdf) supplied with the protective T-ring for Canon EOS? I'm trying to insert the MPCC Mark III into the protective t-ring and have not ordered the space ring (http://www.baader-planetarium.de/sektion/s17/bilder/m48-gross-02.jpg). Seems to work physically but might not be exactly the right part, how critical is the 55mm dim? I don't need (at this stage) anything else in the optical chain (i.e. filters etc.) Thanks in advance
  19. something like this maybe? http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/dell-venue-8-pro-3845-intel-atom-z3735g-1gb-32gb-8-inch-ips-windows-8.1-tab-3845-0290/version.asp
  20. How about running off a windows tablet? Anyone tried?
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