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  1. Re: light panel, tried morning twilight for flats and it was fine. Must be the light panel, although it's been suggested it's the power source rather than the panel as such - will check that out before getting a different one. Re: image controls - thanks; kicking myself! Don't know where I got the from that they made no difference, but glad I know now and won't [removed word] up more captures by playing around mid-sequence!
  2. On another subject, am I right in thinking that the settings in the 'image controls' panel make a difference to the image you see on the screen, but no difference to the captured image saved as a FITS file in my case?
  3. Nope - still didn't work - 1/125th second and still getting the stripes (turned the gain down low to get the histogram in the middle, but you can see the stripes around the vignette edges even with gain higher). I surmise it's the type of light panel I bought.
  4. I thought that too, but until just now was under the misapprehension from the guide notes I've been using here that I needed to ensure the gain on flats was the same as on darks. I'll try lower gain, longer exposure and see if that works. Thanks, Ben
  5. Thanks Robin, Looking at the screen grab and capture below, I think the issue is likely to be the type of light panel I'm using. Would value any views but I don't think it's a SC issue... Capture_0001.fits
  6. Thanks from me too - will turn down turbo and see if I get less temperamental capture behaviour... what's the lowest one should set it at?
  7. One more question for now... This stacked pic was from a series of captures of the pinwheel galaxy - gain was too low and the moon was full, so poor quality pic generally, but there's something seriously wrong with the flats - any idea what is causing the banding? I'm worried I've just got the wrong sort of light panel but hoping there's something in the SC settings I can adjust. Flats were 1/500th of a second. (Stacked pic without flats also attached) Thanks. Ben
  8. Thanks - I did try that but was not the format I expected - showing a separate line graph for each RGB colour instead of a single block. Will try again shortly. Any chance you could please show me a screen grab of what it looks like for an optimum flat capture? Thanks as ever in anticipation... PS I tried to use the focus tools, but SC crashed - did I read somewhere this is a bug you're working on?
  9. Will do. Thanks Robin. Just out of interest, what does the Turbo USB control do?
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to find the optimum setting for flats using a light panel with my ASI1600MC Cool . On my dSLR it was possible to view a histogram of the image as suggested here. Is there anything similar in SC? Or is there a standard exposure that works so I don't need to worry?
  11. Hi all, I'm periodically getting the same problem reported a while back where frames aren't saving when I try to do a series of captures - the 'camera settings' files saves but not the image files. I assume it's because I need a USB cable direct to the PC rather than via a powered hub. Just wondering though what the Turbo USB control does and whether it might make a difference? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks Robin. Yes, was straightforward once I had that advice. Appreciated.
  13. Thanks Neil. On that basis it's GRBG for me. Is that some hardwired setting in the ASI1600? Just interested as Robin suggested BGGR...
  14. Hi Robin, When I was trying to sort out the correct settings a couple of weeks back for my ASI1600 in SharpCap, you suggested depayering in DSS with the BGGR format. That does give me colour, but with a green tinge. The best setting I think is GRBG, but that has a red tinge. How do I determine the correct debayer settings? Thanks, Ben
  15. Thanks Robin. I've got SharpCap saving in Raw16 and I think DSS can now use that data. I'll check again once I've got clear skies, but I can see colouration on the hot pixels coming through. I'll use PIPP with those settings above if something goes wrong though. Really appreciate all your help. While I think of it, why BGGR rather than the other options? Thanks Robin.
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