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  1. Thanks all for your tips and shared knowledge. As some of you have pointed out, I am coming at this knowing of the learning curve and the meager to no results in the beginning. That is however not enough to deter me from continuing on the path of observing the cosmos. Ideally my first scope would be one that when pushed to its limits, would be able to match my growing abilities for a long time. This has surely been proven here. Hopefully I will be able to get the 130pds and the EQ3-2 right away, but apparently the wife says I also need new clothes...lol. Thanks again.
  2. I can't remember what we used anymore other than it surely is way out of my budget based on the diameter of the scopes alone How is the tracking of the Dobsonian compared to a EQ2 amount, which is what I would be able to afford with a 130pds?
  3. Greetings, As a December Child the month where I tend to have some excess cash on hand is upon me. Thus, come this December I have decided to finally buy my first Telescope. Its been long overdue since I was inspired to do so during interstellar astronomy class. To the matter at hand, given budgetary constraints and the choice of Skywatcher 130P (Link) and the Skywatcher 130M(Link). Which one should I go for? I'm thinking I should go for the 130P, with the parabolic lens and later on get a motorized pod. I imagine it is much more of a pain to changes lenses than tripods XD. However, as a beginner that has only done a few obeservation labs during university. I thought perhaps the motorized mount would make a bigger difference in enjoyment, than the better lens. Thinking, easier to keep up with the object I'm trying to view etc. EDIT: Just remembered about the 130p-ds, any serious drawbacks regarding this scope for a beginner? I am into AP so I guess if I find a decent package I will go for this one. I appreciate your input.
  4. I was on the fence between 130p and 130 pds, but this has settled it for me. 130pds all the way as my first starter
  5. Yeah looks like you guys were right about the iridium flares, http://heavens-above.com/flaredetails.aspx?fid=19& Thats just as cool to me as a shooting star
  6. Hi there, first time poster long time reader here. I still haven't saved up for a telescope yet, kids and stuff can do that. However the family invested in a Cannon G7x, which I have been joyfully using for night sky photography. Had a nice outing a few days ago when the moon up here in Norway was completely hidden during the evening, so it was nice and dark. One of the pictures from said outing has a feature which I am curious about. My first thought was a shooting star, but then I thought I couldn't have been that lucky! Does not seem bright enough for a shooting star.The feature I am talking about one can see in the bottom center right area of the picture, any input? Link to picture http://i.imgur.com/MULellY.jpg
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