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  1. Everyone to their own Ian. You could say that you are more of an arm chair astronomer, rather than an observer in the field and that is no bad thing. I am sure from what you have told us in your post, that you have a very deep knowledge on the subject. Nice to know that you are there for your son, to help him explore the heavens with one of your scopes. I don't know what binoculars you are hoping to get, but last year, I was lucky to pick up a pair of second hand Sungar 20 -160 x 70 from a car boot sale, which retail at £260 brand new, here in the UK. The guy was asking £50 for them. I don't think he realised how much they were actually worth, but I managed to get them for £45 at the end of the day. A real bargain. They were in very good condition, optics wise, with no scratches, but the lenses needed a real good clean with some fluid and cotton wool. They have a few scratches on the barrels, but I managed to touch them up ok. They are very powerful, even on lowest magnification, and cannot be used without a decent tripod, as they are very heavy. I use them mainly for wildlife rather than astronomy, but held steady on the tripod, give very sharp images of the Moon and Jupiter on the lower end of 20 to 50 magnification. They are not really meant for astronomy, but I believe that they are about the most powerful binoculars you can find. Unless of course you happen to drop on a pair of German Zeiss U-Boat Binoculars, that are vary rare to find these days.
  2. I was hoping to get outside with Orry last night, but I have been doing nothing but sneezing and feeling shivery all day and seem to have caught the flue bug, I just can't seem to keep warm. I decided to go to bed with a hot toddy and try and keep warm. Spent some of the day looking through a few astronomy books and found the enthusiasm to book our first holiday for this year. We decided on trying a boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads, something both Wendy and I have talked about. Anyway, I still have my sea legs from my time in the RN, something that always stays with you, so we are all booked up for a week in mid April. As we will be going to an area of reasonable dark skies, we were thinking of taking Orry with us as well, for a bit of observing when we are moored up during the evenings. We will definitely be taking both pairs of our binoculars with us anyway, as we both enjoy viewing wildlife as well as using them for the night sky. But I'm afraid for the next week or so at least, I don't think I will be spending any cold nights outside, until I feel up to it again. I was hoping to start my article "The Story & Adventures Of Orry" but until I can make a proper start on observing again, Orry will have to be content with staying indoors for a bit longer. He is a little disappointed, and threw his dummy out of his pram. When we told him he might be going on a boating holiday, he seemed very happy.
  3. I take on board what you say Steve and as soon as we can get out with Orry, we will definitely have a look at Lovejoy. It won't be part of our proposed reports, unless it is still around for a while. Once we have spent a bit of time with the Moon, we will then be going on to Jupiter and later, Saturn, once it rises high enough to get some decent views. Mars is now getting fainter so won't be at its best again until 2016. Not sure about Uranus & Neptune, whether these two will be worth looking at Don't think we will be around then Mark So, Yes we will have a look for it, weather permitting. this year, but hope to get a look at Venus, when the time is right. I don't think we are high enough to see Mercury rising from where we live, as the lower East & West horizons are blocked by buildings. We would need to put Orry in the car and find a suitable place to view it.
  4. Maybe Mark, But we have set out a programme to start our observing with Orry, by starting with our closest neighbour, before going on into the deeper regions. Our observation reports will be presented like a story about the Universe, We intend to make it as interesting as we can, which hopefully will appeal to all the younger members of SGL There is a lot to see out there, so it is going to take quite a long time, for our story to develop, but our main aim is to make it interesting and different to most observation reports. I built the pond two years ago, it is approx 14' x 7' x 30" deepest. It contains half a dozen Koi Carp ranging from 5" to 8" as well as 4 smaller Ghost Koi.
  5. There might be a couple of decent ones amongst them, but it depends if there is a reserve price on them. As they are all second hand, I wouldn't go much above the starting price. They really need to be looked at first before bidding on them. Once you place your bid on Ebay, you are committed, unless someone else outbids you.
  6. As I have already mentioned, once we get some clear night skies, we intend to take Orry outside and introduce him to the wonderful world of astronomy. Both Wendy and I have quite a reasonable amount of knowledge on the subject, which we have both gained throughout our lives. However, apart from just viewing through binoculars, viewing through a telescope will a new experience for both of us. Of course, Orry will play a very big part in all of this, as he will become our eyes and we will become his tutor, and introduce him on his adventures through the Universe. We also mentioned that we will be starting a topic on our own observations, throughout the year, which we will, on a regular basis, when the skies are favourable. We want to make our reports as interesting as possible, not just to adults, but to those younger members of the community as well. This approach, may seem to some of you, a bit silly, but by using Orry as a living pupil, each report will become educational as we start our journey through the Universe. Orry is not just an ordinary telescope, he is our own little boy, just like Pinochio, he will come alive and be able to speak and ask questions, thus gaining knowledge as he sets out on his adventures amongst the stars. Okay, so you now know where we are at. Rather than post these in the Observing sections, because these are split into different categories i.e The Moon, The Planets, Deep Sky and so on, we have decided to post them in the Beginner's Section, "Getting Started In Observing" This I think seems the best place to post it. Once we make a start, it will be titled "The Story & Adventures Of Orry" I think you will all (well most of you) enjoy it, once it takes off, maybe it could be made a sticky, but let's just take each step as it comes, Orry has to learn to walk before he can run. To all those who read this, thank you for listening.
  7. I think you chose wisely, an EQ mount is the way to go, if you intend to venture into imaging at a later date. But first, just get used to it and enjoy the night sky.
  8. Thank you Imp Now I know how to add any future photos. Well here he is, our new baby Orry!.Jusrt waiting for some decent weather now, to let him have his first look at the night sky. I think we will start on his lessons about the Moon first, he has a lot to learn, before getting in too deep. Don't you agree? Pointing South East Pointing towards the West
  9. Having problems posting photos. It seems that this site does not accept photos from Atomic Albums. This is where I store my photos, for posting to websites. Never had this problem before. Could someone suggest another photo site please, and how do I get the image to appear on my posts.
  10. Here is a photo of new baby "ORRY" <IMG SRC="http://www.atomic-album.com/showPic.php/23226/Orion 001.JPG">
  11. Nice to hear you are expecting a very nice man from Fedex, as I was a few days ago. You will be handed a very big box (in your case a much bigger box) and the very nice man will say "Can you just sign here please". You will then shut the door and with a big grin on your face, feel like a child who has just been given a new toy by Santa! Try to keep calm, sit down, have a cup of tea and relax. You can now open the box and carefully unwrap what looks like a Missile Launcher, yes an 8" scope seems that big. Welcome to this happy band of people who seem to sleep during the day and appear, only when it's dark! Happy star gazing!
  12. Thank you all for your comments on our new arrival. Nice to know there are other ex submariners on here as well as me. HMS's Taciturn, Oberon. (now preserved at Chatham). Served 1961 to 1971. Hope to get some piccies of Orry up later. Also look out for my new post, starting soon. The Story & Adventures of Orry, which will be posted in the Observations Section.
  13. Don't worry, we will keep the reigns on him. At the moment he is all tucked up and fast asleep in his cot.
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