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  1. My fave is the last one - this is coming from a total untrained unprofessional eye though! To be honest they all look fantastic!
  2. Hello Everyone!! This evening at about 8pm I was watching the sky without a telescope or bins, I saw a 'shooting star' go across the sky in the southeast. I got a really clear view of it as it was a nice evening here down near Southampton (gone a bit cloudy now). Does anyone know what this streak could have been? It was very rapid not like any satelites I have seen before! Best Wishes, Clare.
  3. Wow thanks for all your responses! I will have a look at them and let you know how I get on. Clare x
  4. HIya! The Letchworth AS looks great but may be a bit far for me to travel I'll have to look in to it more. Deneb if there was a group in the Enfield area it would be perfect for me! I know we are close to the big smoke but there are some dark(ish) skys round this neck of the woods.
  5. Hello Folks! Does anyone know if there is a telescope shop anywhere in the south of England? The only one I can find online is in Wales, it looks great but is a bit far for me to travel :-( I live in Hertfordshire but will be down in Southampton next week so anywhere in either areas would be good for me! Thanks!
  6. Thanks so much Talitha and Mark for your suggestions on things to look for!! You are keeping me really interested! I must admit I do enjoy just having a look in my bins but it is nice to have a goal too. Last night I was out the front of our house looking for Persieds I happened to find Pleiades at the same time which really blew me away as it was so lovely and bright even though we have hideous light pollution. God knows what our neighbours must think - I was out there in my hoody with my bins, eatting sandwiches and drinking tea until 2am. It was bliss :-) I will make a note of everything you have both mentioned and will have a good search the next clear night we get (blasted clouds tonight!) Clare. p.s Mark is that the 250px dob in your picture? It looks massive! I am saving up for one of those at the moment so would be very interested to hear your opinion of it.
  7. Does anyone know of any star parties / gatherings that take please in the Hertfordshire area? I have been in contact with the S herts Asto Society but sadly haven't heard anything back - think this could possibly be because it's the holiday season!
  8. Got my log book (thanks for the advice Talitha) it's a bit girlie really - spotty note book from Tesco but it does the job :-) x
  9. Hiya! Is anyone here a member of the South West Herts Astronomical Society (SWHAS)?
  10. I am totally new to astronomy but have been loving all the things I have seen with my bins such as the coathanger cluster which was recommended by Talitha! I saw Mars last night in the NE which was really beautiful although I didn't realise what it was until I looked it up on my "Starry Night" software this morning - at the same time I saw that Pleiades should be quite a good cluster to view with bins - so I was wondeirng if anyone has any recommendations on what I should be looking for and the best time. Clare.
  11. Well you guys have certainly sold the Skywatcher Dobsonian to me too! THanks ;-)
  12. Thanks both for your advice! There is certainly a lot to take on board , they seem to be more complicated than computers! I will let you know how I get on.
  13. HIya! I know this question has probably been asked a million times but I am really confused by all the different options and types of telescope available. I am totally new to astronomy having got my first pair of bins about a month ago now. I have really loved using them and I am now dying to get a telescope. Does anyone have any recommendations for a telescope priced between £350 - £400? Also what sort of objects I will be able to view with that type of scope. In the long run I would like to be able to do imaging, of the moon and planets with my first scope, and in the distant future I will buy something more powerful to view and get images of deep sky objects. Any advice is really appreciated! Thanks.
  14. What a great video! I've never seen anything like that before and I am really impressed with the improvment on the original image - are u really close to the street light causing the light pollution?
  15. That's really beautiful! Seeing pictures like this really inspires me - I want to be able to do the same (one day). What sort of equipment did u use to take such a fabulous picture?
  16. Spotted the Coathanger last night - I was amazed at how clear it was. :-)
  17. Hello! I was viewing the moon last night with my new pair of binoculars (I am totally new to astronomy), I noticed 3 bright patches or spots on the moon on the left side of it quite near the top. The 'spots' were in a triangular pattern and were very bright compared to the rest of the surface. I was wondering if anyone knows what these spots are? Thanks!
  18. Wow sounds really exciting - I will be watching avidly! Clare x
  19. Thanks to you all for your encouragement! I am looking forward to sunset tonight! will deffo have a look for the coat hanger - I have identified where it is using this wonderful software! It sounds like a great idea to keep a log book of some sort - thanks for your advice. Clare.
  20. Sounds like you managed to get some good viewing in before things went wrong! Hope you feel better soon...
  21. it's pretty murky out there tonight but I was truly amazed at how bright jupiter is, I knew what it was because I have the 'Starry Night' software - otherwise I wouldn;t have a clue what I was looking at! There is a lot to learn! ;-)
  22. Ohhhh I am so excited with my new (and first) pair of Bins. Being totally new to astronomy I have decided to start out with a pair of Bins, yesterday my other half bought me a pair at an auction. (Hummel 10 x 50 - quite cheap at £50) I have just been using them this evening and think I have identified the double star Arcturus - I realise this is probs a really obvious one but I was really pleased! Also just been viewing the moon and was amazed at the rough craggy texture I could see through the bins - and of course had a look at Jupiter! It's a shame that there is cloud cover tonight but all together I am 'over the moon' with my first star-gazing night! Just wanted to say thanks to the people who gave me advice last week about the type of bins to get. Clare. x
  23. Thanks for your help - I will get the best pair of 10x50's he can afford LOL x
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