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  1. Hi all, I've noticed that in about an hour an Iridium Flare will be flying by. I'm using a Huawei P9 smartphone on a mount. I can do up to a maximum of 30s exposures, just wondering about the ISO. Whenever I've done night time shots in town of statues/building/skyline etc I leave the ISO low 100/200 at most and that still gets in stars, when I take shots of just stars (nothing in the foreground) I ramp up the ISO to 3200 for 20/30s exposure. For an iridium flare what would be the best ISO range for that? thanks SL
  2. Thank you for the reply! Is it possible to stack the same image a few times and clean that up (or would that be defeating the object of taking multiple shots and then stacking them?)
  3. Hi everyone, I'm getting started with astrophotography (kinda, I'm using my Huawei P9 smartphone). I've a question about ISOs. I've heard that say it's good to take a shot at ISO 3200 30s shutter speed to capture a lot of light from the stars. But I've also read that you can take shots of ISO 50 30s shutter speed too - why would you do this? What is the benefits of having ISO 50? Broad question I know. Thanks SL -EDIT- also, I managed to take a few shots last night and saved them as DNGs. Is it possible to get a decent images cleaned up in Photoshop from a single DNG image, or do I need to stack some to get the best results? I've tried changing the levels and curves but the images goes to sh*t.
  4. Welcome, I'm based near Chichester!
  5. I just about managed to get it on my Nexus 6 smartphone. Unfortunately there is a streetlamp that was just destoying most photos.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Looking forward to going out into the garden tonight! Unfortunately my area is quite light polluted but I can still see Orion, Sirius, Jupiter, Pleiades etc!
  7. Thanks, I've read up on it and it sounds great! One day towards Autumn next year I hope to have a 'SW 200p Dob' (saving up for a wedding atm so cant splash out too much).
  8. Great post and very pleased that I read it! I've read a few similar bits online and am aware of what I should be expecting from my 3.5" mini-dob. Can I safely say that it is different with astrophotography? with an 8" 'scope, decent camera set-up and patience you can get these DSO's in colour rather than the grey seen by the human eye (again aware that it's to do with light wavelenghts). thanks, SL
  9. Hi everyone, I've been a bit of a lurker for a little bit, I've always had an interest in astronomy and since undertaking my degree in Mathematics & Physics I've found that I've been more interested in the 'astrophysics' side rather than the 'micro' physics side. (I'm only in my 1st year so far). I've found that I'm getting really interested in DSO's and our solar system etc and luckily for xmas my partner bought me my 1st telescope! (yay!!!) (A Sky-Watcher Heritage 76 Mini-Dob) This is after months of my talking to her about astronomy and showing her articles in Sky at night magazing and astronomky books I've picked up. I'm getting to know my way around the constellations by eye when I can find them. I know that my 'scope has limitations but I'm happy with what I can see for now, Juputer as a bigger dot and some of Pleiades. --- Over this next year I want to really nail locating objects in the night sky and night time seasons etc... I'm also hoping to save up and buy a Sky-Watcher 200p Dobsonian next year, I've read that that is a good start for the intermediate astronomer. I'm also interested in astrophotography but I'll need to get a DSLR first (going to try to get a Canon 1100D for a good price, about £250) and then move to a sky-Watcher 200p EQ-5 Newtonian. I think I'll go Dobsonian first then try to go for the Newtonian EQ-5. Sorry to rant, just voicing my thoughts etc... Hoping to learn a lot here and get some tips along the way etc. Star-Lord
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