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  1. Thank you so much for all your advice - it's really appreciated As I said above, I think that, for now, I'll get myself a good webcam (probably the Altair) because I really want to concentrate on lunar/planetary images - the DSOs are on my wishlist but can wait for now until I get the hang of how all the software and hardware work together. I probably will want to upgrade all my equipment at some point but for now I just want to play with what I've got (ooh err Missus!!) . I really just want to have some fun with it all - the serious stuff can wait until I'm more comfortable with what
  2. Hmmm - I was under the impression that the integral wedge on my mount would make DSO imaging possible albeit a bit fiddly. Is that not the case? Ah well, I think I'm going to leave the DSLRs and upgrade to a with a better webcam tbh - something like the Altair IMX224 maybe. That seems a bit simpler to use and more suited to a complete beginner like me as well as being more financially sensible. I'll certainly try to read the book again. I know it says it's written for beginners but, unfortunately, it assumes a starting level of knowledge that I just don't have and I hardly under
  3. Please bear with me on this because I'm a complete numpty about cameras - I've only ever used a point and shoot digital and don't understand things like focus lengths, IOS (whatever the heck that is) or any of the technical stuff I've been trying to read about in the threads here. I've read "Making Every Photon Count" - well, when I say "read" what I actually mean is that words went in front of my eyes while my brain went "WTH! I thought this was supposed to be written in English! None of this means anything to me!". Nevertheless, despite knowing absolutely nothing about cameras,
  4. Thanks for all your advice. I'll order the book when I get home and try and wrap my head around it. I'm currently using a Celestron Nexstar 5SE so I'm not anticipating fantastic multicoloured images of the Horsehead Nebula (LOL!!!) I'd just quite like to try and get a few shots of the Orion Nebula and some of the larger, brighter DSOs, maybe Castor as well, together with some shots of the Moon and the planets. I knew I'd have to do the reading first, I just tend to get carried away and want All The Toys NAOW!!!
  5. Hi Before you start reading this, please be advised that I am a complete and utter numpty when it comes to photography. The most I've ever done is point and click for holiday photos and I really don't understand the first thing about focul lengths, shutter speeds or, indeed, anything about cameras and photography whatsoever. However I would love to begin taking images of the stuff that I see through my telescope but can't afford the hundreds of pounds that seem to be required for a DSLR camera (whatever that it - seriously, I have no clue what the difference is between an ordin
  6. Thank you for coming back so quickly. I really appreciate it. Now, all I need are some clear skies . . . . . . . . LOL
  7. Hi Guys I'm trying to set up a power supply for my Nexstar 5ES. The instructions tell me that the adaptor must have a "positive tip". Does this mean that the middle of the adaptor jack must be positive? There's no actual "tip" as such, like you'd get in a headphone jack . . . I'm confused! Sorry if this is a silly question but I'm afraid I don't speak American when it come to electronics. Thanks
  8. Hi Guys I might meet you there next month - I'm just awaiting delivery of my new Nexstar 5ES (very excited I am!) which should arrive tomorrow. I won't make the Star Party on Friday as I'd like a little bit of time to get to know it before making a prat of myself in public. It would be nice to know I wouldn't be the only newbie going next month . . . .
  9. I have now learned how to make a jpeg file. It was so easy I feel quite ashamed of myself that I didn't know how to do it before, but then I'm a Bear of Very Little Brain and am Easily Confused
  10. Okay - I'll try and learn how to turn a .bmp file into a .j[g file. Sorry. Not only am I a numpty at space, I'm also pretty thick when it comes to computers! D'oh
  11. Thank you so much for the help. I'm still pretty new at the "Naming of Things". I'm still in the "Wow - look at that!!" phase of astronomy
  12. Hi I've just used my new camera for the first time tonight and have captured this photo of the moon, which I'm really pleased with for a first attempt So, anyway, I have this lovely image but I'm having real problems trying to identify the crater that I've captured. It's towards the Lunar North pole but I can't see any features on the lunar maps which correspond with the image. I know - I'm a numpty! *hangs head in shame* Can anyone help me identify this lovely crater so that I can label the photo correctly. I'd like to be able to have the right name on the very first photo in my lunar ima
  13. Hi I'm looking at a sub £100 webcam for doing some lunar imaging and, maybe, some planetary photos too. I really can't stretch the budget more than that at the moment. I can't decide between the Orion Starshoot colour camera IV and the Celestron Neximage Has anyone used these? And, if so, which would you recommend? It'll be used with a small Celestron 114 eq scope which has a motor drive attached. Thanks for any advice you have.
  14. In the future I'll be looking to upgrade just about everything! I know that what I'm using now is a bit "bargain basement" but it's teaching me a lot about how an EQ works, how to find objects in the sky and, generally, how this astronomy lark works. I'm just learning at the moment though and want to keep the costs down until I know exactly what I'm doing and what equipment I'll need to help me do it properly. That's when I'll put on the puppy dog eyes and ask for the real goodies! Thanks for the advice though - its very much appreciated
  15. I was gifted with a Celestron Powerseeker 114 EQ last year for Xmas and have had a great time with it so far. I'd now like to add a motor drive to it so I can stop fiddling with the controls a bit and maybe start to take some photos. Hubs has said he'll buy me a motor drive for Xmas this year but (and here's where I start sounding like a real numpty - which I am of course) I don't know which motor drive to buy. It seems like they all fit on different types of EQ and my instructions don't tell me which type came with the scope so I don't know whether any of the motor drives will fit any of th
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