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  1. The programme for AstroFest 2013 is now online here: http://europeanastro...com/conference/ Saturday is likely to be very popular! Ian
  2. Keep an eye here Astrofest 2012 The programme for 2013 will start to take shape towards the end of this year. Ian
  3. Piers Corbyn has now put an outline of his winter forecast online: http://www.weatheraction.com/docs/WANews10No37.pdf Read it and weep. Or shiver. Also a couple of videos here and here Ian
  4. This month sees the start of a new series of free lunchtime public lectures at the RAS in Burlington House. They’re held on the second Tuesday of each month and are open to everyone. I’m starting off the season with one on comets on September 14. Get there around 12.30. RAS Public Lectures Fellows can watch via closed-circuit TV from the comfort of the Fellows’ Room. If you’re not a Fellow you might instead be interested in becoming a Friend of the RAS: Friends of the Royal Astronomical Society
  5. Not sure if this has been mentioned here before, but eclipse photographers might be interested in this piece of freeware for Mac: MacOS X - Solar Eclipse Maestro - Solar Eclipse Photography Software - Xavier Jubier Has anyone here used it? Ian
  6. The website for the next AstroFest is now up and running at Astrofest 2010 This year we are particularly pleased to have as our star speakers Jill Tarter from the SETI Institute in California (if you’ve seen the film contact, the character played by Jodie Foster is based on her) and Bill McKinnon, an expert on the satellites of the outer planets, this being the 400th anniversary of the discovery of the Galilean satellites. In addition you’ll find the usual wide range of speakers on a variety of topics plus a special guest still to be announced for Saturday morning, all jollied along by Iain Nicolson and myself. BTW, later in February I am accompanying a northern lights trip to Norway Astronomy Voyage - Hurtigruten UK Two other voyages accompanied by John Mason have already sold out; this one’s been added because of the demand. We owe the interest to Joanna Lumley’s recent TV series In the Land of the Northern Lights, apparently. Pity she’s not coming with us. Ian
  7. Thanks to Eagelseye for posting the Spaceweather link. I received a report last night from someone in Switzerland of exactly the same object. This page on Spaceflight Now shows the trajectory of the rocket Spaceflight Now | Atlas Launch Report | Atlas launch ground track It went right over the UK. Pity I missed it! Ian
  8. Ian Ridpath

    Telescope 400 Day

    Syon Park http://www.telescope400.org.uk/
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