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  1. Hi guys, I currently have my first telescope. It is a Bresser Skylux 70/700. I have gotten quite good use, just waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer so i can go outside and hopefully find Jupiter and Saturn. But i was hoping for some advice and expertise on what to get and expect if and when i do upgrade my scope. Any idea's on what to upgrade to and if so what is it capabilities ? Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, I was just wondering what eyepieces would be able to capture ( by capture i mean for me to see not a camera). When i got this scope (which is my first) it came with a 20 mm and 4 mm. Obviously i have used the 20 mm for sightings of the moon and i have been happy. But the 4 mm seems slightly useless. Anyway, i was wondering what is capable with a 10 mm etc. And what is the best option for i.e. Jupiter. I'm most probably going to purchase a 10 mm eyepiece anyway but i wanted your guys opinions on what else i should get. Thanks
  3. My first telescope and one i'm using now is a Bresser Skylux 70/700 I was just wondering if a camera is even compatible and if so would anyone reccomend any. I want the images to be good quality ! Thanks
  4. Would you recommend a webcam and if so could you link it ? Thanks
  5. This guy has a £6 webcam. Is it possible to get one with better detail ? Thanks
  6. I don't suppose you could link these products ? Thanks
  7. yes i have installed Stellarium, and it's fair to say i have apprehended its use and more importantly learnt how to use it !
  8. So your saying the telescope is not the expensive bit - it is the mount for the camera... ?
  9. Yes take images or both. The budget does not matter. I just want a good telescope which can take images of both deep space and planets. Thanks
  10. I would want one that could see deep space and i could take images ? Any idea's
  11. For an intermediate level. I have a Bresser 70/700 and was wondering what would be a good upgrade ?
  12. Hi guys, I just wanted to know what is the best telescope for spotting planets are great detail ? Thanks
  13. I know i have had my first great sighting of the moon ! Thanks !
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