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  1. You can't go wrong with SXP. Get one now, or you will regret one day not having it earlier. The yellow case is Nanuk 950, which is perfect for storing GEM of this size. The original removable cube foam is too soft to support/protect the mount, so I bought three very thick EPE foams and cut them into proper size.
  2. I agree that vixen is a underrated brand. But I am unashamed to acknowledge myself a vixen fan, especially of its mounts (and Starbook TEN) and eps.
  3. I have been using this mount for one year. Building quality is excellent as you can expect from vixen. I use this mount for Tak TSA120 (9kg with accessories), and it is surprisingly stable and smooth! I particularly love its micro adjustment, very useful for high power planetary observation.
  4. My little desktop refractor, absolutely portable and rocksolid. Zhao
  5. The rings are from Primalucelab, very nice and good quality indeed.
  6. Not yet, cloudy and rainy all the week... In fact, even in clear nights I (as well as most Chinese urban stargazers) will find it difficult to enjoy the night sky because of the light pollution and very high density of tall buildings. This is why I miss the years that I was living in the UK... Anyway, if the weather allows I will drive to the rural place to enjoy my new scope next weekend. I cant wait to look the night sky through a Tak, but the daytime test is, of course, really impressive - sharp, very high contrast, and no false colour at all. Zhao
  7. After having a two-month wait I picked up this brand new tsa-120 in Hong Kong. This is my dream scope for years and finally I am a proud owner of TAK. Here it is: tsa120 + Vixen sxp Zhao
  8. Hi all, this is my latest addition, AA Lightwave 80ed f6.25 refractor. Absolutely lightweight, and the Vixen tripod/desktop tripod are just rock solid. Thanks! Zhao
  9. After looking through LVW and cheap Plossls for years, I finally got my first eyepiece case and a premier collection. These eps will give me 41X, 64X, 90X, 150X, and 257X when using 120apo. Perhaps I should add a Delos 4.5 to fill the gap between 6 and 3.5.
  10. http://www.primalucelab.com/astronomy/dovetail-bars-rings/ Primalucelab (Italy) offers tube rings and mounting accessories of great quality. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  11. Hi, I had this mount about 10 years ago. The original version of this mount is Mizar AR GEM. Yours is EQ4/TQ4 - a Chinese copy of Mizar AR. EQ4/TQ4 was quite popular in Chinese market, but now largely replaced by CG4 or EQ3-2 - there are of the same level. See http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/229887-identification-of-mount in #15 I posted some pictures. I hope it will be helpful
  12. Hi all I have just came across this review. The author seems quite happy with the vixen ssw eps - this is indeed a good news. John we are looking forward your review. http://posec.astro.cz/index.php/clanky/technics/14-eyepices/72-okulary-vixen-ssw-uzivatelska-recenze-1-25-okularu-s-polem-83-a-jejich-srovnani-s-okulary-tv-nagler-t6 google trans. see https://translate.google.co.uk/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=zh-CN&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fposec.astro.cz%2Findex.php%2Fclanky%2Ftechnics%2F14-eyepices%2F72-okulary-vixen-ssw-uzivatelska-recenze-1-25-okularu-s-polem-83-a-jejich-srovnani-s-okulary-tv-nagler-t6&edit-text=&act=url
  13. Congrat! This is a great looking mount! I feel many people underestimated Vixen's new Sphinx mounts and the Starbook TEN controller. BTW, Chan, I think the shake/vibration problem you mentioned is due to the saddle. The sanki saddle is just too small compares to the size and weight of your OTA.
  14. Hi Chan, start a new topic, and say something about your experience with your new toy AXD?
  15. BTW, I always wonder why WO – a Chinese (Taiwan) manufacture – asserts its USA origin. Simply because WO is a company registered in the States? Just courious…
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