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  1. Johnrt - having just looked at the images on your blog, I will happily follow without question every piece of advice you give! I'll try increase my budget for an off axis guider; from a brief initial look there seem to be some options mentioned by members in other threads in the £300 to £500 category, so unless I've got that too wrong I will investigate those options further! Thanks again.
  2. Ah, OK... got you, thanks. So I'm guessing I can get FAIRLY good pictures with the NEQ6's 'guidance' alone, but introducing camera-based guiding equipment will improve things - is that correct? And if so, would the extra £250 be worth it to get the AZEQ6 at THIS stage, which would make it easier to mount two scopes, with a view to buying guiding equipment in the longer run...?
  3. Thanks to everyone for their input. I think I'm going to stick with the MN190, and take note of the difficulties that may face me with collimation of that scope. I'm not the MOST practical, but I feel it is within my capabilities, even if it might be at the edge of them! I think it's the Sky at Night review that keeps it prominent in my mind... although of course their testers will have infinitely more knowledge and experience compared to mine, so I don't kid myself I'll get the best out of it - at least to start with. However, it's a long-term investment, whilst I always knew my 2 current sco
  4. OK, so I've had my 10 inch dob for a year now, and am really enjoying looking at the skies when the weather allows. I've been surprised on the good nights that despite living in Luton I can still see a fair few things, and have even found a few dark sites not a million miles away to take my scope when I feel like travelling. I also picked up a second-hand 8" Meade which is a goto scope, helping me learn what is where in the sky, but it isn't a 'keeper' so I'll be selling it on soon. As tends to happen when I get 'into' a hobby, whenever I get some spare income, it goes into said hobby before I
  5. Thank you - great stuff. I certainly will be looking to join a club at some point, yet at the same time am enjoying the 'solitary time-to-myself' aspect of stargazing. I spend half the day talking to people, and so a few hours with the stars and my own thoughts for company are an attractive prospect! Certainly from your list, Ivanhoe Beacon looks like an amazing spot, and I will do a recce there in the daytime. I suppose the question I have is about etiquette - is Ivanhoe Beacon a 'regular' spot for observers? Is there a club who use the site? And if so, would I be 'out of order' by turning
  6. Hi all, Since Christmas I've been getting into observing visually, and am loving it. I have a Skywatcher 250px and have just picked up a fantastic second hand Meade 8 inch LX90. Sadly however, I live in Luton. For many reasons this isn't great, but in this particular context the problem is light pollution. Even on a fantastic night I can really only see the brightest DSOs from my garden. I have therefore been wondering about dark sky locations, and my boss at work mentioned to me the Dunstable Downs - for example http://bit.ly/1E4apw4 So... has anyone from the area observed from here before? D
  7. Thanks, that's much appreciated - I hadn't realised that the Hyperions wouldn't suit the telescope. I'll look to get a 7mm and 18mm X-Cel LX, as well as a collimator and hopefully that will give me as good an introduction to the hobby as possible!
  8. Hi everybody, Same story as many... I've been interested in astronomy for years, loved looking through the eyepiece of an old telescope as a kid etc. etc. I have been reading this forum for ages, learning about what I can expect to see with various telescopes and feel I'm just about ready to take the plunge. Whilst I'd love to get into astrophotography, that can wait until I have a couple of thousand pounds lying around. For now I just want to get out there and get viewing. So this first purchase is purely for that - viewing fun. I'm based in Luton, so not wonderful in terms of light pollution
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