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  1. I ordered the QSI 683wsg about a day ago, but I am having second thoughts. I think I like the squarer format of the 690 vs. the 1120. It looks like the cleaner Sony chip would be better for longer exposures and fast refractors than the Kodak chip.
  2. As I got into the intricacies of astro imaging, the issue of mirror shift became a major issue on my C11 EdgeHD. Rather than replace it, I found an Optec focus device that fits on the front. It electronically moves the secondary mirror by infintesimal amounts and eliminates my mirror shift issue. It takes quite a bit of research and soul searching to find the right telescope for your needs. And your needs shift more than a mirror does. :-)
  3. It never ends. Next stop, an observatory so you can leave everything in place and ignore the first five checklists. :-)
  4. Below is a link to a video about Prescott, AZ. :-)
  5. In the last year we moved to AZ to build a small observatory and enjoy the dark skies. Below is a link to my first 30 minute sub exposure of the horsehead nebula. The first of many more. :-) http://astrolavistaobservatory.com/2014/12/21/my-first-30-minute-sub-exposure-of-the-horsehead-nebula/
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