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  1. awesome images i saw one and luckily captured it too last night even though weather was foggy.
  2. Equipment used was a 1000d with a 15mm fisheye lense f2.8. 30 seconds of exposure at ISO 800 on a fixed tripod taken near my village around 100 km's from Lahore,Pakistan when i reached the village,the weather had become smoky cause of winters especially the sky appearing over the horizon. The first shot has these two green light sources below the orion.Dont know what they are or what caused them.One of the light source seems to be trailing horizontally unlike the rest of the stars. crop
  3. looking good. backyard or backgarden astrophotography is always fun
  4. hi folks i imaged this one on 18th Nov,2010 at around 5 a.m when the moon had set from my backyard. 1000d with 15mm fisheye lense,13 seconds of exposure at iso 800 close-up
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