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  1. After a little more looking around: its the same colour as the 14" Dob (with the yellow mount axle not like the 8" chromed/alu/whatever colour one on the 8" below it) at http://darkstartelescopes.blogspot.co.ukblog entry (as currently the most recent post there, 2nd and 3rd images down). I don't remember seeing the eyepiece rack at the bottom of the mount but maybe it was there, the scope was amongst many other items and behind a couple of things so maybe it was and I didn't see it.
  2. I've just seen one in a local charity shop - £120 for, I believe, the 8.75" version - painted slightly lighter blue I think than the image from Gary Poyner's website linked to above (its in the background against the observatory wall on the right image of two further down the page), and has 3 eyepieces which might be the ones originally supplied - 6,9, and 12mm. Don't know its f-ratio but with a 6mm one included (and I would guess, previously used as I chatted to the staff about it and they told me what the guy said when he brought it in), I'm guessing its not that high. Me thinks the price mi
  3. Allegedly the continuum filter is good for Mars viewing too, anyone tried that and can comment?
  4. That 7dayshop branded tall (170cm?) tripod I mentioned in previous post broke due to my carelessness pulling on the tilt handle when it was done up once (was only £10, oh well), so I replaced it with another better tall one (Giottos MML3290B) which has since (after a few months) had one leg section stop fail and drop out the pole segment when extending it once, have read of this happening on several other Giottos tripods, but otherwise its been great, and is amazingly tall and feels otherwise stable and solid enough.
  5. Steve789 (or others interested) - if you haven't already found something; for reference, my first monopod that lasted ok was a 7dayshop own-branded one, though that I think is a rebrand of a fairly generic tall one that goes to about 7' high and comes in 2 versions - either a permanent tilt head that isn't all that strong but might cope with the bins (obv. you don't need panning on a monopod, you just twist the pole), or one with a generic 1/4"-20 Whitworth-standard screw on top (as fits most cameras and all binocular adapters I've ever come across). That obviously would need a head of some ki
  6. Reviving this post to ask if anyone also has experience of Seben's 7.5-22.5mm zoom - seems different enough from the description (though quoted 8 could be rounded up from 7.5, 22.5 only rounds up to 23 not 24) that it ought to be a slightly different zoom (or more recent version)?? Anyone come across both and able to compare them?
  7. Reply for @NGC 1502 - Thanks, am already aware (and a regular attender) of the BSIA group in Regents Park. Have also visited Widescreen, but not recently enough that I was serious about researching mounts. They're open after Christmas break tomorrow (or today now, Monday) as are most other astro shops. Update: So I read more reviews, decided to give the Mini-Porta a go - currently a good price at tring astro (£130) much cheaper than most other places; I think I saw FLO with it for £135 on an ex-demo one too. Then I found one being offered at astrobuysell, and have decided to take him up on it
  8. Oops forgot to mention this is majority for visual exploring. I also often want to share views at events and wonder round then come back to scope, and am hoping the alt-az isn't going to be too hard to find objects again if they escape while I'm chatting/looking in someone else's scope. Not so hard in binoculars as it takes ages to lose targets.
  9. Thanks all very much for the warm welcomes! Happy new year to you all too! @auspom - lol @swamp thing - very impressive. Biggest I've ever seen through is a local home-made 16" dob. Give us back those photons! Presume you've been out recently, as I can't see anything left out there tonight (just grey stuff most people confuse with clouds!). Hope you get to enjoy it again soon, we've had some great viewing earlier this week. @PeterW - You are welcome to join us if you're up for viewing any of the events I plan, you can join at meetup website yourself to get notifications or just keep an ey
  10. Would appreciate comments on my mount shortlist or other alternatives within similar budgets. Just got 1st scope after binocular usage for a few years - a 4" Maksutov-Cassegrain for better planetary viewing (weighing touch over 2kg once setup, quoted 120mm OTA outer diameter). But also looked through plenty other scopes at events regularly. Vixen Mini-Porta £170 or better Vixen Porta II? £229 I think - how much better than the Mini is it? GSO ATZ - aka Orion Deluxe Alt-Az I think, sorta similar design to Porta with offset arm but seems much longer. Next price bracket up though. ~£300 best I f
  11. I have 15x70 bins that I love and I agree about it being hard to stay in good viewing positions sometimes. I occasionally resort to lying down on my back if I'm outside looking near the zenith, as I don't carry a chair around but so want to find a good one I can lean back in safely to look up (that I can also carry around on the underground/bus in London - some fishing seats have almost been inspiring enough, so far, but seems a bit limiting). My tripod head for bins has been recommended for monopods - its a trigger-grip ball head, I have the Manfrotto 222 and a Calumet 7033 copy of that (bett
  12. I've been a lurker for a few years, and just joined properly to make some posts and take more complete part in the community. I live in London and already engage with other astronomers there, putting up with the light pollution but also showing people that you can actually see stuff from one of the most light-polluted zones in the UK, especially if you find a big common or park. Am on the facebook Telescope Addicts group, the Baker Street Irregulars (thats what helped me get into astronomy more regularly) and attend their (irregular) Regents Park meets as often as I can; I also attempt to occa
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