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  1. Hi, I have used EP to get initial focus and then changed to camera. However, you raise an interesting point. The only control I have of the camera is through Sharpcap and I'm using the default settings. Am I missing something here?
  2. Thanks, I've tried at night as well - just thought it might help to try in daylight. At the moment all I have is a light screen or dark with the lens cap on. If I wave my hand over the lens, I see shadow across the screen. On and on :-)
  3. Thanks guys, I've removed the webcam lens and have scope nosepiece fitted. I'm currently trying to focus on the edge of the trees 500 yards away.
  4. Hi, I've acquired a SPC900 webcam but am unable to focus on anything. I know that the camera is 'working' as when I put lens cap on the capture screen goes dark. I've tried direct in to scope (AA102ED), using a Barlow 2x with lens and without and also with Diagonal in. Is there another piece of kit required? I'm using SharpCap 2.8. All ideas welcomed - well apart from give up :-)
  5. This is great, downloaded and ready to be put to use. Thanks Mark.
  6. A good read and very useful. Thankfully I saw something like this before I jumped in and spent badly. My local Astro groups have been great.
  7. Thanks all, really appreciate your advice. Looks like eBay and bahtinov purchase next stop. :-)
  8. Thanks, using it is an option but seems to be more difficult but as everything is new, difficult is just going to be the norm for a few months. :-) The issue with d3100 as I understand it, is that there is no software that is compatible. Backyard Nikon does not support it as Nikon don't provide a software developer's kit and apparently have no plans to do so.
  9. I find SGL invaluable for a beginner like me. I read loads on here to aid my decision on what to buy and to validate all the other sources I used, such as local groups and the intech beginners night. Minor frustration with the post count trigger points but understand why, just means I am on here more! Great source of information :-)
  10. Hi As a newbie to this game and befuddled by all the options, I hope you don't mind giving me your advice on my plans. I have Altair Astro 102ED with zeq25gt. Having read 'Make every photon count' I now hope to image, I had thought I could use my Nikon D3100 but from what I read online it isn't suitable. So I'm thinking of buying a canon that has been astromodified but still usable for terrestrial photography. Thanks
  11. As someone who is also starting the same journey I wish you all the best! Iwent to local Astro groups (we're in the same area) and they were really useful plus the advice from on SGL has been invaluable, if daunting :-) I have my scope and just waiting for the mount to arrive. Looks like my Nikon camera choice last year wasn't the best for my new adventure
  12. Thanks for the rapid response. I've joined the local society and think I need to get off the fence :-) I'll probably decide after tomorrow's beginner's night at Winchester planetarium. The book is now on order P
  13. Hi, At long last I've decided to take the plunge although still suffering 'paralysis by analysis' over what to buy. Once i have a little experience I'd like to astroimaging. Any views from the enlightened about CEQ25GT mount and Altair Astro 102ED as an initial setup? Phil
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