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  1. What do you use to clean the dome and refresh the gelcoat?
  2. What price please. You mentioned a trailor to be able to deliver is this still possible?
  3. Object: NGC884 & 889 Type: Open Clusters Distance: 7300Light Years Constellation: Perseus Date: 30th August 08 Equipment: William Optics Megrez 90 Canon EOS 40D Subframes: 19 x 30 second exposures unguided at ISO1600 Processed: No darks or flats were captured. Processed in Images Plus 2.0 with a Moderate non linear stretch or DDP. Notes: Well for a few hours last night it was clear. Transparency good So I rolled back the roof and took a few images.
  4. Before I send my LXD 75 mount for a service I wanted to have a go myself. Stripped & rebuilt, remounted and a perfect polar alignment later. I thought lets put the DSLR on and test PHD as it was tracking very badly (the fault of the mount by the way)and see what I get. I wanted a target that was nebulous to also put to the test my new Lumicon 2" deep sky filter. Generally considered the best all purpose nebula filter on the market.With a transmission of 486nm Hydrogen-Beta @ 94%, 656nm Hydrogen-Alpha @ 92% & the double ionised lines of Oxygen III of 496nm to 501nm @92%. The Deep Sky Fi
  5. Object: Dumbbell Nebula M27 Type: Planetary Nebula Constellation: Velpecula Date: 30 May 09 01.30am Equipment: William Optics Megrez 90 Canon EOS 40D guided usin 66mm William Optics refractor & Atik 16IC camera. Subframes: 1 x 8 minute exposures at ISO800, 1 x 8 minute dark, Bias & light frame calibrated Stacked: by Deep Sky Stacker. Processed: In Images Plus 3.75 with a DDP stretch.
  6. Hi There and welcome from a Norfolk Star Tracker.
  7. Well only been a member here for a day or so and look at the welcome you all have afforded me. It is great to be in the company of like minded & friendly astro nuts. I am interested in meeting others in my area. Please come and look at my astro blog All my pics are online . I have downloaded a few to this site to a folder. I will have to check to see if I have done it correctly. I do hope you like my web page www.malcsastro@blogspot.com I am also a member of Breckland Astronomical society and we welcome visitors. Breckland Skies Please contact me via email if you want to have a chat or a v
  8. Hello to all keen astro imager from Norfolk England. I have built my own observatory in my back garden and observe from a villiage with no street lights. Using a William Optics 90mm refractor and a canon EOS 40d Guiding with a William Optics 66mm refractor and a Atik 16ic Please visit my blog at malcsastro@blogspot.com and the society I belong to Breckland Skies Drop me a line to say hi Malcolm
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