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  1. The image is great. But I get your point, it will be hard using the camera without proper software support.
  2. Thanks Ian that’s very informative. As for me I don’t have one yet but Fuji cameras are always talking to me . if not I will have to find a way to modify my camera but I was intimidated to do it myself.
  3. All I have is redcat 51 wondering if you think it may work with it?
  4. Hi All, I heard very positive feedback on fuji mirrorless cameras having better Ha sensitivity compared to canons making fuji images compare to astro modified canons, but at the same time I can hardly find astrophotographers using fuji cameras attached to their scopes !! Can anybody confirm if fuji cameras are that good and if there are some specific models you recommend based on use? Cheers,
  5. Thanks about this suggestion, it's really worth looking into.
  6. Hello All, This post is really giving me hope, as I'm about to loose it. I started visual observing like 5 years ago and astro photography is not an option for me because not now not even later I will be able to get a tracking mount. I own a 10" Dob for like 3 years now and was dying to see DSOs other than M31 and M13. But all I can see is bright objects like planets. I feel angry when I read "Turn Left at Orion" for example and go through all the objects I should find but sometimes I feel that book is lying But anyways any advise is welcome and thanks for the good thread.
  7. No it doesn't have a white point. It is an Orion laser collimator.
  8. I have a Cheshire but it's hard to reach the knobs to adjust the primary mirror so I move a knob and look in the Cheshire then I go back again to the knobs over and over again. The laser collimator on the other hand is much easier. But as you said the Cheshire is much simpler and accurate..
  9. the focuser is 1.25" which is a problem as I can not buy the 2"-1.25" centering adaptor..
  10. Hi, can anybody help with ideas on how to precisely center a laser collimator in a focuser? I noted that the laser collimator moves in the focuser which messes up the collimation noticeably. Thanks Maged
  11. Hi Alan, thanks for the advice. Can you share a link to the astigmatism correctors? I have astigmatism but I'm not sure if it is that bad.
  12. Hello John, for me I couldn't even see details in Mars even during last year's opposition, and that could have been for many reasons such as my scope collimation, weather conditions, my eyes being not trained enough. The reason I am amazed is that I see many people and read in many articles and books that I should be seeing details on mars and I can't so I am trying to narrow down reasons that are preventing me from seeing details! it will be bad if it's all the above
  13. Hello everybody, I am amazed to know that it is feasible to see moons of Mars in 10" dobsonian as I am struggling to even see the slightest details on Mars it's self. I must be doing something wrong! I would like also to add to the above .. Flawless collimation is a must ..
  14. Thanks for these comments as they are what keeps me trying to observe deep sky objects from my place (only object I saw was M31 only the core of the galaxy after trying for so long time) and I am not lucky with any other galaxies. regarding your point above related to some nights are not great for DSOs ... how can you recognize that you are having one of these nights, I'm asking as I am still not luck to find any galaxies yet. And also what other objects you recommend to observe when you are having such a bad night? Thanks
  15. Please share the experience. another question does the nexus computer come alone and you have to buy the encoders separately or encoders are included?
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