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    Astrophotography , currently testing most lightweight scopes which can give good astrophotos, so far , Skywatcher 120 , Skymax 127, Celestron 114,celestron 80mm, with Pentax k r , sigma APO 300mm f4 to 5.6,plus staradventurer GEM.
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  1. Hi, Great & Magical Shots , i was in Ventnor Sept 2014 , really enjoyed it. Just to say I am in the same boat , got the Star adventurer a few weeks now but not polar aligned it yet , probably very simple but sounds complicated. Will have a go soon and let you know what its like. Have found motor runs well on USB Juice Bank , so no trailing power cables. Still messing about with the right tripod set up as heavy duty tripod a bit unstable with 2kgs on , can't imagine putting 5kgs on it! Good luck too . Dave
  2. Hello Everyone & a Happy New Year to All, Went out on 30th December 2014 10pm , it was nice & clear & very cold in Chester , UK. Wanted to get some nice photos of Orion for the upcoming Future Learn course starting 5th January. I noticed Jupiter as I went out the back door & stopped for a quick photo. Then spent 30mins getting shots of Orion with different lenses etc. Went back in the warm about 10.30pm and looked at photos , and was surprised to see Jupiter as a bright disc with darker discs .Zoomed in photo and what looks like dark round rocks. Checked on Stellarium at same
  3. harrisondavid123


    Jupiters moons 30th December 2014 10pm from Chester UK with 300mm Sigma telephoto lens on a Pentax K r
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