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  1. Finally all my iOptron gear is here . Thanks, FLO! Ian
  2. Good news! All good things come to those who wait :<) Ian
  3. It was after last night's announcement, and my question was as a result of it . Sorry to hear that your business has closed though. The issue does seem a bit contentious though, with questions today over whether, for example, house building can continue. It all seems to depend on whether the "2m" rule can be satisfied. FLO seems to have got it sorted. Ian
  4. See my post immediately above! Ian
  5. Perhaps I'm being a bit thick, but why did you need the laptop out with your scope? Ian
  6. Very nice too Brendan. You should be pleased with that. What sub length did you use? Ian
  7. Thanks for your late evening clarification Steve, and good to know. Just so long as everyone keeps as safe as they can. We do appreciate what you are doing in this very difficult, and worsening, situation. Thanks again. Ian
  8. New mount for me, but the shipment for the accessories I want are due at FLO tomorrow! We'll see, but I guess it'll take a while for FLO to find out what it's delivery companies' plans will be. Ian
  9. Well having just heard the PM's announcement, where does that put FLO and its delivery companies? I guess all will be revealed as time unfolds. Sad but a necessary move. Ian
  10. Well having just heard the PM's announcement, where does that put FLO and its delivery companies? I guess all will be revealed as time unfolds. Sad but a necessary move. Ian
  11. In my case, exactly so, being denied my other interests! Well done for soldiering on and I hope that you all continue to remain well. Ian
  12. For my sins I have one incoming, courtesy FLO, hopefully next week . Now I'm not in the habit of being an early adopter, it's not in my psyche, but given the self-imposed isolation I thought it would give me something to get my teeth into, even though we are heading towards the less favourable time of year for imaging. I needed an EQ mount that would take a 10kg load for imaging, but was light enough for my aging frame to carry from it's storage in the house and set up each time in the garden. I wasn't so keen on the CEM40 because of its geometry, as I am pretty much limited to southerly views. Don't expect a detailed critique though, as this is my first EQ mount and I've a lot to learn, having spent all my time so far imaging with an Alt-Az mount (ha-ha, Olly should be pleased to have another convert to what he would probably call a "proper" mount ). Wish me luck. Ian
  13. I can't compare the standard Canon response to that of the Fuji, but I must say I've been very surprised and pleased with the red response of my Fuji XT-1, not withstanding the lack of astro utilites and the processing complications with the Fuji X-Trans filter array. I've used it with Alt-Az imaging which involves taking a lot of short subs, so conversion and storage has been important. I originally converted them all to DNG using the Adobe raw file converter, quick batch processing too. I now use AstroArt for the calibration and stacking. See https://stargazerslounge.com/gallery/image/31949-flame-and-horsehead-nebulae-ii/ That's 122 x 30s subs, but it could do with more! However, the XT100 has, as far as I am aware, a standard Bayer filter array, so shouldn't really present a problem so long as the RAF is recognised. If you use DSS, make sure that you are using the latest version. Ian
  14. Well, I ought to thank you for that. Interesting though, it's sat there for many weeks without a sniff of interest, and I was surprised to suddenly get posts. Ian
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