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  1. Hi, then it is no problem, again have a look at this page.. http://www.google.de/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ursaminor.hu%2FHEQ5_with_Synscan.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ursaminor.hu%2Fsupport_en.html&h=480&w=720&tbnid=jIZpLvsYizyUjM%3A&zoom=1&docid=i8bNWbKazN452M&ei=nO2iVLuNF8fVPNabgcAL&tbm=isch&iact=rc&uact=3&dur=1076&page=3&start=60&ndsp=29&ved=0CJsCEK0DMFA If you need help with Eqmod, just let me know
  2. Hi , hope this may help you.. Question, what Mount dou you Have ? HEQ5 or HEQ5Pro? Take a look at this.. there is a Diff.. Btw , why not try EQMOD, its a lot easier as you think. There are many people online who will help.. I use The Eq6 Mount, also with EQMOD... there are many good options.. http://www.google.de/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fstargazerslounge.com%2Fuploads%2Fmonthly_06_2011%2Fpost-24612-133877622637.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fstargazerslounge.com%2Ftopic%2F107469-heq5-guiding-first-attempt-fail-what-next%2F&h=481&w=640&tbnid=LDKROftCaiwtZM%3A&zoom=1&docid=u-HOmwgS1A-oZM&ei=uLqiVLPyDcPBObmNgPgK&tbm=isch&iact=rc&uact=3&dur=4599&page=2&start=41&ndsp=42&ved=0CLUBEK0DMC4 Regards John
  3. Hi Andy,, Spot on, I have tried a few things... but that solved the Problem.. Glad you could help me.. thank you to all the others who replied Cu John
  4. Hi, thats the strange thing about it all.. I have Stellarium Scope running, and the conection is there... With Carte du Ciel , it works fine... So I dont understand when I park the scope on CDC; no prob, but with Stell... its stops well away from the Home position... Thanks for your Info , always welcome... Will have to kep on searching.... Btw... Finaly some good weather for Deep sky... send more over.. Cu John
  5. Thanks my friend, that is good to know.. Every bit counts.. Cu John
  6. Ok Folks, as mentioned, just started back after short break, and my memory is terrible... sign of old age.. My scope is set up and aligned, glad that worked out...my problem is , when I use synscan controller, everything works fine, going back to home position also good.... First...... When I connect to Stellarium on Pc, first when I go to the stars & the objects, they are off a bit?? Any way of synconising ? Second... when I park the Teleascope, (Btw using Eqmod).. the parking Position is a mile off!!...Come on guy.s give me hint .. What am I doing wrong.. The Day , Date , position etc is Ok.. Hope u can Help.. John
  7. Wow! what a welcome... this makes it a lot easier to work on new projects, with the backing you all give.. looking forward to starting Imaging again... I have made a few improvements regarding my mount Etc.. will keep in touch.. Bye 4 now John
  8. Hi Folks,, Many thanks for the warm welcome...looking forward for the nights ahead.. Cu John
  9. Hallo Gina, I have been following your Post for quite a while now , and I,am enjoying your work.. rejoined the Forum again, after a year, too much work.. now managed to set up my equipment, with a few changes made which helped me a lot.. Regarding the problem you have with Phd, I also had the same... I noticed on your beautiful mount that your bolts between the bottom plates and the top one , they are too long. I changed the length of mine down a bit, and that solved my problem .. At that length, they cause a lot of vibration... especially with a lot of weight on top.. Just a thought, hope the weather gets better over there, here is more or less the same.. Regards John
  10. Hi folks, After a short break, looking forward to your help & comments. The astronomy Bug has come through again.. Regards John
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