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  1. Awesome, Cheers guys. I have an Equatorial Goto mount but havnt had the chance to properly calibrate it yet. When I do I assume that will suffice for tracking? D
  2. HI Guys, I was wondering if someone could help me getting started with imaging and stacking. I currently have a Skywatcher Refractor 102mm with an Xbox live webcam modded to fit the scope. Can anyone recommend some good software that will help me take some good images... I sort of know what stacking is but am confused by dark, flat frames etc. Also, long exposure times. Is this possible with a webcam and laptop, and please forgive me for the stupid question, but, when I image the moon, it moves at a surprising rate when at x50 magnification. How would this work with a long exposure shot? Thanks in advance all, Dan
  3. Welcome to SGL Clear Skies Dan, Preston
  4. Welcome to SGL Clear Skies
  5. star_lord

    Hi from Burnley

    Welcome Doug, Happy Viewing and Clear Skies
  6. star_lord

    Newbie from Derby

    Welcome John, Clear Skies
  7. My amateur mind tells me a single lens would be better, as there is less between the scope and the eye... However, I have no idea. Can anyone help?
  8. Cheers very much, You wouldnt be able to tell me the diameter of adapter needed for the xbox live cam would you? I have seen an adapter online with a M12 x 0.50mm thread fitting. Does this sound right? D
  9. invaluable advice guys. thank you... I have a lot to learn what is everyones opinion on where each part goes... i have seen a few people mount the barlow before the diagonal, some after...?
  10. would you recommend these? http://www.opticalvision.co.uk/astronomical_accessories-eyepieces/sky-watcher_sp-series_super_plossl_eyepieces.html
  11. Hi Alfain, You are absolutely correct, yes its a Refractor! Rookie mistake... Thanks for the advice. Would you recommend getting Sky Watcher Barlows and Eyepieces or do other brands work/fit just as well/better/worse? D
  12. Cheers everyone, this is amazing advice. I sometimes feel a bit daft coming on here and asking what I assume to be pretty basic questions.... But everyone has been so welcoming and helpful! Its great!
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