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  1. Hi All, Well it is now 3am, I have just got back in from the garden after viewing Jupiter for the first time! My scope and bits are in my signature and I rushed at tonight's viewing due to a bit of cloud cover and being impatient (I know I shouldn't) but I was rather satisfied with my viewing tonight but looking for a little advice for future. I do not currently have any vibration pads so that may be the reason but I did notice that after I had setup my view is very shaky if I am trying to focus the eyepiece, I started with the 25mm after doing a solar system align to the Moon, I centered Jupiter in the 25mm after moving to it. I then went straight to the 9mm and repeated and then got greedy and went for the 4mm. I ended up using my 6mm eyepiece and that gave me the best view after a bit of focusing. I do not know if it is just me or the scope in general but I found that when trying to focus the view got massively shaky to the point Jupiter was jumping in and out of the FOV of the eyepiece. I have got a thumb screw that will lock the focus-er but until I have the right focus I have this unlocked and the shaking is very irritating when trying to center and focus the view. Again I do not know if it is just me but I have noticed if I put the focus all the way in and then slowly turn the focus the whole unit (Cant think how to describe it) kind of lifts upwards a bit before rolling out thus disrupting my original position. (I am most likely making no sense at all now) I have packed my scope away now but if that makes no sense to you I can make a video tomorrow. Basically is this normal? Or is there a fault with my focus unit when moving up and down the rail. What would you recommend for best viewing Jupiter? Was I right to stick with the 6mm? It would be nice to get a closer look so would a Barlow be a good option? Lastly, how does everyone store their scopes? I put my optics tube back in the box it came in with the polystyrene support, all my eyepieces and bits all get packed back into there original packaging then all stored in a box, and the tripod gets folded up and leans in the corner of my room with the optics box on end with it. Thanks for any advice! --------------------------------------------------- Celestron NexStar SLT 130 (Celestron 25mm and9mm included)- 4mm Skywatcher eyepiece - 6mm Skywatcher eyepiece - Skywatcher 4 filter set (Moon & Planets) - Skywatcher 7ah Power Tank - Celestron heavy duty power lead - Light pollution filter
  2. Thank you for the advice, I had a look through the post you have suggested and it has made things a lot clearer and my view of Saturn was about what is suggested in that post. Thanks! Hi, I did read a few reviews that said about updating the StarSense when you get it. I am a little concerned though that I did not order a AUX splitter when I ordered the StarSense, my NexStar has a Handheld Port and a AUX Port am I ok witht his or does the StarSense require more than one AUX and therefore I should of ordered a splitter? Thanks for the Stellarium advice as per below. Also my shaky experience with Saturn was up Jack and Jill, I think I upset a few people who came up on a Saturday night expecting something different than me standing in the car park with my telescope It was a bit windy up there but hopefully another visit wont be so bad. Thanks for this advice, I have downloaded and looked at this, I did get the Celestron SkyX first light edition with the scope but I have also installed Stellarium as well and it looks rather nice. Plossel? If you mean brand then the 6mm and 4mm are Skywatcher e/p's and the standard 9mm and 25mm e/p - I did notice Saturn went down early in the evening so I went to higher ground (The South Downs) to get a view as I was impatient and wanted to see more than stars with my new scope! That is correct, and when I thought I was mis-aligning my scope I did narrow down on Saturn by starting with the 2mm, centering the Saturn (A dot at this point) switching to my 9mm and repeating all the way down to the 4mm. It took a bit of fiddling as I had to keep scouting around the center of my FOV to get it in view and keep it there.
  3. Thanks for the welcome and the advice all. Luckily I read the manual on the tank and it stated that even if I do not use it especially in the winter months to charge it at least every other month to ensure it does not drain out. I tend to use the flashlight on it for a bit to use some power then stick it on charge just to keep the cycle going. I do not know much about the Solar System Imager but it looked like it ran off the USB directly hence why I invested in a USB extension so I can run it to my PC form the back garden and will use a laptop when out and about. I am curious though if anyone has a similar scope, I did ask specifically when I went in for a telescope if I could see Saturn and Jupiter and it's moons. Now granted it was not ideal but I went up the downs with the scope and even though the view was shaky, I did not see much more than a distant circular object with rungs around. Is this what I am to expect? I was hoping for a bit more of a closer view, even the celestron image slideshow for the scope on the FLO website showed better than I saw. If I remember I started with the 9mm and worked down to the 6mm and 4mm to view Saturn and that was the best I got. Would I benefit from a Barlow? Or do I just need more practice and less expectations? Thanks all!
  4. Hi! My name is Gary and I am from Burgess Hill, West Sussex I have recently (Well July) purchased a telescope, I had years ago had a cheap telescope that could just about get some good views of the moon. Now I have finally taken the next step and indulged in an array of items, I am very keen to get going but lack the usefulness of being able to drive. Even at the age of 31 I have still not got a licence so getting my scope to any decent location is hard. I got a bundle from Sussex Astronomy Center containing the following: Celestron NexStar SLT 130 4mm Skywatcher eyepiece 6mm Skywatcher eyepiece Skywatcher 4 filter set (Moon & Planets) Skywatcher 7ah Power Tank Celestron heavy duty power lead Light pollution filter Additionally I have coming in the next few weeks: Celestron NexImage Solar System Imager Celestron StarSense Accessory I got the StarSense as no matter how much practice I did I could never get the alignment right and objects would always be off center, this was particularly a pain when I tried to view Saturn as I popped the 4mm eyepiece straight in and i was not there, I had to start with my 9mm and work my way down centering each time. I am happy with my set-up thus far but need a lot of practice, and now Jupiter is coming up earlier I can start looking at that. The Neximage is the entry level one but I will upgrade to the Neximage 5 when I am more comfortable with the setup, I have ordered a 10m USB extension to hook it up to my PC fro the back garden, and plan to borrow my GF's laptop for out and about viewing. Anyway, that's my brief introduction
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