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  1. Just curious, are you tempted by bigger dosbonians? do you think a 20" dobson will give much more detail on planets? i've been thinking about a new lightbucket!
  2. Hey guys, I’ver tried several different eyepieces (televue, Meade, etc) and I’m not too happy about the results I’m getting observing Jupiter and Saturn on my 12” F5 Dobsonian. It’s not too easy to focus, I don’t really know if it’s coma or chr aberration. Could you give some advice as to how identify these problems and what solutions exist thabk you all
  3. Hi, I have a 12" Dobson but I'm looking to improve my planetary observing. The Dobson is great but wind can be a problem for planetary observation and when in higher magnifications it's difficult to keep the planet in sight on hand. I have a eq3 form my astromaster 130 which I rarely use so I was wondering if I could get a better OTA for planetary than the Dobson, which I'd mount on this eq3. I'm not into astrophotography for now. What kind of OTA would you go for?! thank you for your feedback!
  4. Thank you só much for your feedback guys! I'm inclined towards Televue, because it's Tv and I read everywhere they're the best! So the thought of having that EP is seductive! The problem is the 1,25"! The Tv BigBarlow is simply way over budget, but at the same time I'm afraid you buying a top 1,25 and feel the need to upgrade to a 2" in some years. My friend says visually there's no big difference between the TSoptics 2" and the tv Barlow, so would you guys consider the 100€ TSO Barlow a good option for the future? On the other side, for how cheap can you get a second hand Tv Big Barlow?
  5. Hello Guys! Looking to buy my first Barlow for my 12" f5 Newtonian! I read everywhere you simply cant go wrong with Televue and was aiming for a Tv barlow. However a 2" Tv barlow is simply too much for me, and i can get my hands on a second hand TS Optics 2" Barlow for 80€. The other option would be a Tv 2x Barlow for around 130€, the downside is its 1,25". I have a 2" focuser on my dobsonian. Would you guys care to comment and give your opinion on what would you buy? Any other recomendations on this budget are also more than welcome. Thank you guys!
  6. Hello guys!!!! I'm looking to buy my first barlow and would like to make an investment around 50-65€, for a good barlow. I'm on the process of moving into a big dobson so would like to know if you think this Orion deluxe 2x is a good option for the price mentioned, and if not what would you guys suggest. Thank you!
  7. By optical quality you meen detail on the DSO? Can you expand your point??
  8. Some pics of the 12" GSO. In the 8th pic there's a smal dent, doesn't seem too significant, what do you guys think? Any thoughts on the mirror condition? And overall do you think its a nice deal for 400€? Thank you guys!!!
  9. the owner hasnt send pics yet but says the scope has 3 wheels, 8-10cm in diameter and 2 of them have breaks. nice feature, right?
  10. Thank you so much for your comments guys! And thank you John for the expectations call, thats a good one! Thing is the price the guys is asking is great - 400€ - I still dont have any pics but he says its in great condition! The thing is here in Portugal I dont think i could get my hands on a 12" for this price any time soon. I was investigating the possibilities for carrying it around (assembled) and this seems like a possible solution, what do you guys think? Hopefully i'll have some pics soon! Cheers!
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