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    Thanks for all the friendly welcomes! Think I am definitely going to stick with what I have whilst I get to grips with telescopes and learn the sky. Hi Andy Your pretty close to me (Unless its Mansfield, Ohio where you are based!). Any recommendations of good places locally to get a good view of the sky? I was always under the impression that we are in a relatively decent area with regards to light pollution and also Sutton Observatory is a 5 minute drive from me. I am also very close to Brierly Forest Park which has a nice hill in the middle of it which looks a good place to set up. Been looking at the night courses they run at Sutton Observatory to help me progress and to network with similar minded people. It would also be nice to know that any money paid will be going into keeping them running. Any help advice would be appreciated.
  2. DanHoax

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    Hello, As you have probably already guessed from my username my name is Dan. I am new to the amateur astronomy scene, though space and its seemingly infinite reaches are something which has fascinated me since I was young. I have recently inherited a 2nd hand telescope (Bushnell 78-9003) I am now looking to stop browsing in awe what other people are viewing and start looking at the solar system etc through my own eyes. I guess what I am looking for from this forum is a place to seek advice from knowledgeable people, check out what other people are doing and to learn more about space. The first question I have though.......Does anyone have any experience with the Bushnell 78-9003 Telescopes? Ive read a few reviews online and they do not seem favourable and the general consensus is that you could spend a little bit more money and get telescopes with far better capabilities, that are a lot sturdier and better built. The user manual states that this telescope can be used to easily view Andromeda and the Orion Nebula as well as Saturn and Jupiter (Though some reviews seem to be sceptical of this) As this was free I am happy to use this as a beginner telescope and I am also willing to put some money into it if upgrading is a possibility and more financially viable than purchasing a better telescope. So far I have managed to have a good look at the moon last night whilst the sky was clear. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings!
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