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  1. All sorted now got myself an EQ6 Pro Thanks for the info
  2. Can anyone help please? I have an EQ6 Pro and the Hand Controller is ver 3.37 Is there a guide anywhere to the functions of this version. I have read somewhere that the polarscope LED control is buried in one of the menu functions of the Hand Controller I have a manual but nothing is mentioned in it. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone Is there much difference in looks as in neater lines between the EQ5 Pro and an EQ5 with added SynScan kit later. I need an EQ GoTo mount but cannot afford a new one and used ones are few and far away, so was wondering about getting an EQ5 for now then later get the SynScan kit. Has anyone got any pics they could post for me to compare? Thanks
  4. Thanks Redfox, strange indeed, maybe its been loose since I bought it, as i have always struggled with the focusing !! I will have a go tonight. Thanks again
  5. I think I agree redfox, but which end of the Baffle tube!! and would it be a DIY job? I got the feelers out on other forums too, so hopeful of a quick fix. Going to a star gazing weekend at Haw Wood Farm, Suffolk in 3 weeks.
  6. Hello Everyone, I have just adjusted the focuser on my Meade LX90 8" ACF as per instructions here http://jan.eaglecreekobservatory.org/focuser.html Afterwards, while focusing, I had a wire ring fall from somewhere in the tube. It is still in the bottom of the tube and does not effect the focusing or view through the EP Does anyone know what it is ? i am guessing it is a retaining ring for something, maybe the baffle tube?!!
  7. OK cheers, erm just got this info about video mode: As such you can film 1080p at 24, 25 or 30fps, 720p at 50 or 60fps, or VGA at 25 or 30fps So what would be the least compression from that?
  8. Thanks James, sky permitting I'll have a go tonight/tomorrow
  9. I would like to have a go at photographing Saturn tonight (sky permitting) I know its not the best setup, but its all I have, a Canon EOS 100D unmodded, an adapter for my Meade LX90 8" I also have a 300mm lens for my camera. What would be the best settings of the camera to try and get a photo of Saturn. PLEASE
  10. WOW! many thanks guys, your advice has certainly given me something to try. I'll keep the topic posted on progress
  11. Hello everyone, I have a problem with my Meade LX90 focuser! Can anyone advise please as I am not sure if my focuser is working properly.. the focuser completes 41 revolutions from lock to lock. I have an object to focus on about 40 meters away and it takes 18 revolutions to focus, then another 3 turns to focus on an electric pylon about 3 or 4 miles away. If I go too far past focus, about ¾ turn, I have to reverse about 2½ turns then forward again to get it back in focus. should I have to turn the focuser that many times to focus on something so close, and surely, I was expecting if I go pa
  12. WOW! thanks again everyone for all the welcomes and advice. Me thinks this proposed new hobby of mine could get expensive is ED80 a particular brand of scope?
  13. Many thanks for the welcome everyone. Pat, why is that?
  14. Well 12 months since the last post, it is quiet in EA I am over near the east coast in Burgh Castle, Great Yarmouth, Looking forward to getting to a club sometime.
  15. Hiya everyone, about to get my first telescope, Looking at loads, I THINK I know what I want I'm looking for an 8" SCT, its just finding one at the right price ! I would like one in time for Christmas missed a nice one today by being too Cautious, but I am sure there will be others. Eventually I would like to dabble with astro photography so there will be loads of questions I am sure.
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