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  1. Here's my "solderless" version; just now got this one assembled this morning for a 135mm lens setup Did a couple of iterations of the enclosure "faceplate" Also running another one I made earlier on a refractor
  2. Hi Sam, This is most excellent I'm about to put this together. I've got some TLP521-4 optocouplers on hand so will be using one in the build instead of the ILQ74 I notice that you do not use any current limiting resistors before the LED input on the ILQ74. Is that by design or was it an oversight? Thanks for sharing this.
  3. Got some clear skies over South Oxfordshire in the UK last night so I ventured out to capture Jupiter I managed to get two of it's moons in the shot. I haven't figured out which ones they are yet, but will do some googling My focusing and polar alignment need work as well as my image post processing skills I'm dipping my toe in the water with AP with a view to getting a better CCD cam once I learn the ropes with the equipment I've got for now I've learnt so much in the last few weeks by reading these forums - such a great resource Skywatcher 200P EQ5 mount - RA and Dec motor driven SPC900NC camera stock x2 Skywatcher barlow Sharpcap 2 Registax 6 Damian Peach has nothing to worry about
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