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  1. Thank-you all for your replies, whatever my decision I'll update here.
  2. Well, for one the dobsonian is a different mount. I'd want to go with an EQ mount and learn if I'd eventually go with astrophotography down the lane. The dobsonion is also slightly expensive. The three options i have are a Celestron 127EQ with a 5 inch aperture and a 1000mm focal length. It's a reflector which is compact in size. Second is a Celestron powerseeker 114EQ, 114mm aperture at 900mm focal length again a reflector with a long tube. Third is a Celestron 130EQ with a 130mm aperture and a 650mm focal length. I'll be getting an accessory box which includes a 12mm kellner, a 6mm plossl and some other stuff. My question is what would you go for, I'm restricted to models like these due to shipping woes ( Have to buy from US and get it shipped to my country). Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Well, scratch AP off the list Don't want to create a new topic in the observing sub-forum so will post here. Strictly observing, would a F7.9 1000mm scope do the trick or a 650mm F5 will be better, both are EQ mounts, cant go for a dobsonian because of the size. Observing domain will be restricited to the messier catalogue and the solar system. I do have an arduino with me so im looking at some nice projects like the barn door. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Well, that was less than encouraging I see EQ mounts fare better at imaging, however the alt-az can be used < 30sec exposures which i think wont be enough? Since im a newbie, ill be observing first, so is a F/10 1000mm refractor a bad idea for "seeing" some of the messier objects? I see two good scopes with EQ mounts namely : Celestron 127EQ F/8 at 1000mm, have to buy motor drive seperate for tracking , also will learn alot by manually guiding it. Celestron 130EQ F/5 at 650mm. I guess the 130EQ would fare better? Sadly the 200mm lens i have is a 18-200 which has a max aperture of 5.6. I may get a new mount soon if i face a lot of issues. So from a learning and observing point of view, should i get the F/10 1000mm alt-az or the F/5 650mm motorized EQ? Switching astrophotography via a telescope to my secondary motive now since you all experienced persons think it to be unwise.
  5. Hi guys, So, was hoping to get a telescope primarily for astrophotography. I've been excited about stars since quite a long time but havent had a chance to use a telescope. I've been trying to capture some big objects like the orion nebula, andromeda etc with my 200mm lens strapped to my 7d. So, hoping to buy a telescope, was searching online and found the Celestron 102 GT. Its a refractor of F/10 and a focal length of 1000mm. Comes with the go to func also. Is it good enough for a beginner, I'll also not be upgrading for atleast a few years and will be photographing with my canon 7d. To my knowledge I'll be needing a EOS to T mount adapter and a T mount lens for the telescope to take pictures. Price range: Around $300 + Accessories ( T mount and lens) So it the Celestron 102GT good enough or would you recommend any other Telescope. Thankyou.
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