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  1. Thanks Matt. I didn't realise that dual mounts were available. Best of both worlds I guess for a little more dosh of course Why can Newtons on a EQ mount be frustrating? Never had one except a really cheap and nasty thing early on. Paul
  2. Thanks very much Chris and Peter for your replies. I think you might be right Chris. It would be a shame to make the 8" tube redundant and the HEQ5 does look pretty decent, gives me more options in future and probably is more portable too. Peter I have a DSLR, didn't realise there would be a balance issue though I was aware of the rotation. I'll no doubt be taking planetary pictures but would like to branch out. I guess I could conceivably use the camera direct on the mount without the scope for some wide filed pictures. I took a few of these when I had access to a motorised EQ mount on holida
  3. I have an 8" Dobsonian scope that is just manual and it's fine (the base is getting a little stiff though) but I have been thinking of upgrading so I can do a bit of photography and be able to track and GoTo. I've looked at the Skywatcher 250px flex tube with synscan and wondered whether this would be suitable for reasonably short exposure photos bearing in mind its an AZ ALT mount. Is the motor likely to be smooth enough? I'm not going for the glossy mag full colour glories but hoped to take something decent. An alternative thought would be to keep my 8" tube and instead go for a HEQ5 mount
  4. Hi Avocette. Thanks for your reply It's the circular rotating base that's split ( I left it outside to my shame). I was hoping for the easy option of a replacement base but it doesn't seem possible without spending more money than the Scope costs in total! Like Rory above, I've looked at the replies on this thread and I think I am going to attempt to build a new one from scratch. Routers (recommended above) are a bit expensive but I may be able to hire one I guess. I didn't even know what the anti friction sliders were made of but now I do, teflon and that is readily available and I have a can
  5. That's impressive Global M. Not sure my carpentry skills would be up to it but I get the magazine and I'll take a look
  6. Thanks Charic, it's the round base that's had it and won't turn easily. I suppose a jigsaw and a steady hand and I could do it though I have no idea what to use for smooth rotation (it has pads and not ball bearings). You're probably right about the simplicity, it is why I bought the scope in the first place, simple and cheap with lots of light gathering power for your money. Though it would be nice to attach a camera and take some long exposures while it's tracking. I'm just surprised that you can't seem to simply buy a replacement base unit.
  7. Thanks for your quick reply. I'll check out the rings and weight. I saw the Orion Optics mount but wasn't sure what you were getting for the money from the not very good picture of the product. It looks like you have to purchase separate rings as well making the whole thing more expensive than buying a new Scope. Might look at other mounts and possible motorised ones which will add extra functionailty anyway
  8. Hi all I have a Skywatcher 8 inch Dobsonian telescope and the mount (rocker box) is damaged. Is it possible to buy a replacement for this, I can't find one online anywhere. Alternatively is it possible to buy other mounts that are suitable to fit the telescope I have to it. Thanks
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