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  1. sorry for the delay worked after a number of goes thank
  2. I also had difficulties with this.. 8se windows 10, starsence and starsence gps fitted updated in the end ok!! I now find that the utilities function on the hand set is missing without this the gps will not work any ideas thanks
  3. I still get a No response error 17 which is a fault on the printed circuit board any chance you know where I can get a replacement thanks dick
  4. Absolutely fantastic many thanks best regards happy xmas
  5. Hi I made aa big mistake when I ordered a new dec motor for my mount, Having dismantled the housing to get to the motor connections I noticed signs of 1 of the connection ribbons to the motor showed signs of overheating, to do the job right I ordered a complete set of ribbon connection ( pic 1) The my mistake ( I usually take photos of any connections on my phone o remember) Well I did not !! got the new leads now not sure of the connection!!!! I wonder if anybody can advise please see pictures as to the printed circuit boards. Thanks
  6. {Hi just read this page My Celestron Advanced cg-5 gt mount has now developed a no response 17 or 16 error (do not know why) can any body suggest where I can get a replacement printed circuit board asap Tried a couple of Celestron Dealers here in the uk bust no answer to date. Beginning to get withdrawal systems Thanks regards
  7. Hi in need of a replacement dec / ra motor number 20101206 . for a CG-5 advanced mount
  8. I tried to mend it but the lead attaches to the motor under the cap with an eyelet screwed onto the motor When I re soldered the wire to the top of the motor it fell apart so I cannot see how it all fits back. its the small wire from the cap looping into the casing with the black tube.. hence replacement needed £ 150 pounds they want!!!!!
  9. Hi The small lead has broken of the Dec motor in the housing, cannot see where or how to fix it so I will have to replace it is has a number 20101206 does anybody know a supplier(in the uk) thanks dick
  10. hi can I HAVE YOUR PAYPAL name so I can pay regards dick
  11. Thanks Fenland Paul That seems likely, I had it on interval setting thanks to all who responded Regards
  12. 21 ‎April ‎2019, ‏‎22:31:23 at Beacon hill woodhouse eaves Loughborough It does look as though it is not in focus but do not know what the round thing is on the edge? I might Have been auto aligning to looki at betalguise when I decide to pack up. I will have to see what else is in the files regards
  13. Yes it was too big. Thanks
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