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  1. I've just put in a formal objection to my local authorities plan to sell for for 2,000!! houses as they put it 'just a bit of green belt' that is three minutes walk from where I live and is the least LP part of the sky. Their second choice site is to the north of me about 20 minutes walk away. Durham County Council seem to think increased light pollution is desirable from the amount of lighting in the area. Seriously I can go out at midnight in my quiet street and read a copy of a broadsheet when I'm between lamposts..... the worst culpits are directly to the front and rear of the house les
  2. This was discussed on 'PM' on Radio 4 last night (I think) - typically one sided discussion about how turning off/ dimming lights would lead to an increase in traffic accidents, burgulary and the assumption by the presenter that lighting would not be switched on at all on any roads. It's a shame they didn't bother contacting anyone from the CDS to comment or highlight most of the policies have been focussed on the 0.00 to 5.00 timeslots and would make sense in most reasidential areas off main roads.
  3. -15 but didn't feel like it as there was very, very little humidity and no wind
  4. Stefan that is fantastic Rob
  5. That is nice - nice and crisp along the terminator as well Rob
  6. That's what I like about FLO - and only found out about incidently - they do check the binos before sending out so hopefully none of that pain of receiving a pair finding flaws sending back receiving a new pair checking etc etc. Rob
  7. That is a really nice capture, the focussing is spot on. Rob
  8. Seeing Uranus - wow that is something! Well done
  9. Hi, I went out last wiith them and deliberately set about looking specifically for ghost images and internal reflections. I wasn't able to detect any internal reflection but did identify some very, very slight ghost imaging BUT this was ONLY when I deliberately placed the moon at the extreme edges of the field of view and even then the ghosts were very hard to detect. So I'd still thoroughly recommend these particular binoculars from FLO. Thanks Rob
  10. Atharh, that is amazing for a first photo - if I'd taken that I'd be well pleased. Rob
  11. Dave, that is really nice - another Crisis fan here - what your first image shows is precisely what I was trying to describe in print earlier this evening. A picture really is worth a thousand words. The focussing is spot on and you've got a lot of detail there - well impressed Rob
  12. Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately dark skies won't help me! Approx 10m away to the SW I have a lovely (sarcasm) LP Sodium street light! Have to be honest and say I didn't have any problems with ghost images or internal reflections last night and I really was giving them a through (sp?) test out looking for faults. On the experience of this pair from FLO I wouldn't have any problems recommending them. Rob
  13. Ordered both from FLO following discussion on the tripod with them as I wasn't sure which to go for. Delivery next day spot on. Finally had the chance to use both last night using a large binocular attachment from FLO. Time 11.00-11.45 BST. Had to wait for the moon to pop over my rooftop. I was well impressed with the tripod, solid, steady as a rock and no 'judder' in movement. The height, without use of the central column, was perfect for me (I'm 5' 10") I can certainly recommend the tripod to anyone. OK, enough of the tripod review onto the view. I was very impressed with the appearance
  14. Happy Birthday - looks almost too good to eat! - I did say 'almost' Rob
  15. If anyone is looking for downloadable, out of copyright, scans of some classic Victorian - and later books on astronomy the text section of the Internet Archive Internet Archive: Free Movies, Music, Books & Wayback Machine is well worth a look and is continually updated with new material. It can involve a bit of a trawl but is well worth it. (Moon brings up over 1,000 entries - most not astronomical and lunar over 800!) It's well worth it, I now have quite a few NASA reports - the Gemini Mission reports are very nice to read and most of the 'classic' major lunar books from the Victorian
  16. Hi Baz, really interesting - tried out a 'cut-down' version last night with my little digial - it has a 'starrry night' setting it has a self timer as well only problem is the self-timer time equals the exposure time (30's) on this setting - still managed to grab four images of Jupiter before the cloud came over in a very LP area (two Sodium street lights within 20 yards) or one Sodium street light within 10 yards). Animating them was instructive - given me the bug to try again - usually I tend to look at the Moon due to the LP. Thanks for this Rob
  17. Rob1961


    Thanks Martin, all set up and one minute beforehand a cloud bank rolled over - the rest of the sky was clear!
  18. That's an excellent really well presented 'how-to'. I used the same approach last year but I'm too ashamed to display my terrible soldering to the world. I ended up using using some sticky pads to mount the servo to the back of a 127mm SW Mak. Unfortunately I haven't worked out how to connect the two together - things either slip or bind. For the voltage I'm using 4 x 1.5 AA which work OK. Thumbs up for a first rate guide
  19. Hi Gary, sounds like you had an amazing time - fingers crossed for continuing good weather. Rob
  20. Very good - I wish my first image had been as good as this SW
  21. Hi Ali, that is really good - I played about a bit in GIMP with it altering brightness/ contrast and sharpened it up - there is an amazing aount of detail present - well done!
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