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  1. That is really good, very nice Rob
  2. Hi, Gimp v2.6 will save in *.tiff format and if you want to use a different program there is FitsLiberator v3 from NASA/ESA Rob
  3. If the Kindle can use them the Project Guttenberg site is worth a look for the old 'classics' in Victorian astronomy
  4. Jannis what about printing out onto normal paper then glue this to thicker card using PVA with books on top to keep eveything flat - sorry my old messing about coming to life here!
  5. Was out last night for a quick look around with a pair of Celestron 20x50. Looking at Jupiter and as I did there was a trail appearing across the FOV. Later inside Stellerum showed it as SeaSat 1. Something I wasn't expecting a a nice surprise.
  6. That is just amazing - I'm speechless
  7. Happy Christmas to everyone from me as well Who wants to hear a really - and I do mean really - bad Christmas Cracker level joke?
  8. No idea - a few little packets - I'm going to have Din-Dins in about an hour before opening - have had three glasses of Sainsbury's bog standard Sherry so far. Oh Quest 6pm tonight Big Biggest Bigger is the ISS. Deeply funny 'The Americans use the same spec as us but to different tollerances that's why we are having the problems' Rob
  9. Yes, Babylon 5 did have a final sensible end - the last series was a bit all over the place after the main story arc had finished. The software used at the time is available from free use now - as it's so old the manufactuers have released it - sorry can't remember the name of it - I'd go with other folks on the lens flare
  10. Wow - well done - especially the middle one
  11. Saw it off and on from just on 6.40 until just before 7.40 when I was on the bus to work. Typical the bus on a morning faces south and east so lots of neck twisting. Looked amazingly crisp and sharp was well impressed - nice pink/red colouration as well
  12. Very nice bodging is part of the art in what we do!
  13. Just remembered this thread today and have the full res image now! Amazing achievement - hopefully this will push notice of the thread up this list again for new members to see Rob
  14. Very sharp - I really like the second one the colouring difference shows up really well Rob
  15. I'm wondering now if it was just some 'back of the stockroom' stock at this one shop as The Works near to where I live (the other one was near work) doesn't have it in stock.... strange sorry for the false alert (sigh) Rob
  16. Arrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!! That's unbelievable
  17. On sale in 'The Works' for £3.99 grabbed one at the weekend for some winter reading - well worth it! Rob
  18. Yep, read that as well - the bulk of the article was how about how light reduction would lead to a rise in crime and police warning this would be the case. Meanwhile on the same webpage an amazing picture from the Massi Mara of the night sky near another article with an image of Europe from space with the proud headline that London's lights are the brightest!
  19. Hi Andrew, that is exceptional - get a really good sense of the different materials and the sequence of events - Tycho Kepler and Copernicus ray spreads really show up well. - Have you looked at the maps over at the Lunar and Planetry Institute for surface materials? Amazing image many congratulations Rob
  20. I keep coming back and looking at that montage - it is stunning. It would make a great album cover for a prog rock band from the 1970's - still dumbfounded by it Rob
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