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  1. Hi NigelM Thanks very much for the info. I remember in the early 1980's the old observatory was being used as extra rooms by the Cosmic Ray Group from the Dept of Physics. Rob
  2. The observatory in Durham is on Observatory Hill - unfortunately the city has expanded since it was built so it is plauged with massive light pollution. I have seen odd mentions of a Durham Astronomical Society but have never been able to track them down properly but I know they have mobnthly meetings in the city somewhere and use the Wynyard Planeterium near Stockton
  3. Downloaded it from Steam on Thursday - had a couple of crashes but nothing to bad - Had it running for 36 hours running the Galaxy collision!!
  4. They are nice, aren't they
  5. Sorry about the short notice just seen this is on in about 10 minutes - it should be on Listen Again for the next week Rob
  6. Thanks for the heads up - only second time I've seen it - amazing sight still Rob
  7. Amazing, never thought it would be so noticable, a little bit of sea-sickness coming on now (smile)
  8. Yes, it's the phase of the moon affects shadowing. That's not a bad start at all.
  9. Now that is nice, seriously nice
  10. Very nice central area images - much better than my first attempts - keep at it!
  11. Now that is nice well done despite the conditions Rob
  12. I saw 5 last night - when cloudy I have a completely orange sky! (30 mins walk from Durham)
  13. Like others have said that is far from a 'rubbish' image - well done and keep at it!
  14. 'ooooffffffff' (nnot an acronym) followed by 'wow'
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