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  1. Thanks - that is just unbelievable - multiple redundency must be there just in case....
  2. How to launch Apollo 18 in secret - do it in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep (including us because of clouds) - sorry, I'll get my coat
  3. Thanks for the link - somewhere new to enjoy
  4. Arrgh it's going to take over the world run for the hills, seriously that is huge
  5. Had a great time this morning for the first time in months without work or weather getting in the way - mainly the weather.... Anyway work up at 6am with a bright blue crystal clear sky poked my head out and saw the Moon in the morning light and thought 'I'll give it a go....' This was a 'biggie' for two reasons 1) I wanted to test out the optics following a horrendous dropping incident which involved the objective of my Skwatcher 127mm having a nasty series of scratches and crack lines, thankfully not reaching the corrector plate 2) I wanted to try out the adapted electric focusser I'd bodge
  6. For once a good Horizon - it's on the iplayer now
  7. A really nice image - the colour is amazing
  8. Great idea but again a bit far for me - no car!
  9. This has been a really fascinating thread to read
  10. Speechless and priceless - amazing
  11. The street lamp about 10m away from my garden doesn't even have a dector on the top. It's crazy it just lights up a patch of road that then turn a corner and ends with a kerb across the road and another street lamp. All this in about 30 yards...
  12. Quest (Ch38) Freeview Wed 20th July 9pm a documentry on the search for the submerged Liberty Bell 7
  13. Did you see yesterday's LPOD - that rock superimposed over a baseball stadium to give a sense of scale. For us in the UK it is a bit longer than a football pitch and a bit under twice the width
  14. Watched it on the BBC News Channel and on NASATV over 'interwebby thing' (smile) (no Sky setup). NASATV coverage excellent but the BBC overage was absymal. Two reporters on the scene who were totally clueless and one who thought the best thing to do was social chit-chat to spectators and then after the launch ask was it worth the money! Total vapid air-head
  15. Yes, a really good thread with a touch of mystery to it as well. It's been a really informative thread
  16. Vey nice moon images, with the kit you're using I'd be well chuffed
  17. For that time of the morning and angle of the moon at this time of year that is impressive Rob
  18. NASA drives me up the wall trying to work out the time differences, sometimes it is in PDT, sometimes in EDT and sometimes in EST. It would be so much easier to use UT or Zulu time. The number of times I've missed something by an hour.... Rob
  19. Here's my reply from the BBC: "Thank you for your correspondence regarding the BBC One programme ‘The Street That Cut Everything’ broadcast on 16 May 2011. I understand you’re unhappy because you believe it was incorrect for the programme to suggest that switching off street lights increases anti-social crime as street lights may have a negative impact on the environment. The purpose of the programme was for Nick Robinson present a unique social experiment. He had persuaded one street in Preston to give up all council services for six weeks. Armed with their council tax rebates, the 50 residen
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