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  1. In The Works in Durham this afternoon spotted some new box sets they have in at £5 a set - these have previously (apparently) been on Discovery 1) Hubble, 3 DVDs, 2) Stephen Hawking's Universe (with an extra disk) 3) Something about the Universe presented by Morgan Freeman. The Works seem to be doing some real bargins on astronomy stuff at the moment...


  2. Yep, amazing pictures. I was lucky enough to just catch the Press audio conference they gave on them. On the low orbits of LRO they were averaging 25Km above the mean surface the 'real' lowest orbit point was 22km above surface. Due to the orbit there is a resolution of 25cm per pixel in following the orbit by 50cm per pixel in the other direction due to the sheer speed of the orbiter. If all the images received back were burnt onto DVD there would be 52,000 full DVD's!

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