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  1. Nice shot of Plato like others have said the shadows just give that little bit more to the image
  2. How many times have you thought 'I'd better head in now' thinking you'd been out for about 30 minutes had passed, you go in look at the clock and two and a half hours has gone by! Happens way too often to me.....
  3. Just came across this and thought it was amazing Backyard astronomer snaps Beta Pictoris dust disk ? The Register Rob
  4. The Amazon link was a classic reminds me of the Amazon.com reviews of Peter Andre and Katie Price's CD and the tin of Uranium reviews...
  5. Very nice, really pleasure to look at
  6. Interesting and well worth framing
  7. I'm speechless - that is an amazing image and the colour information is fantastic Rob
  8. His birthday is the Google 'image' today
  9. I've been using the 8115 with absolutely no problems for a couple of years now. I'd always go for it being all of 5ft 10inches tall.
  10. Excellent book for images - if you have a branch of 'The Works' near you they are currently selling this at £10 instead of the normal price of £40
  11. That looks amazing - the last image I think is spot on the Moon as the main focus be amazing to see full size - congratulations on the dedication involved
  12. In The Works in Durham this afternoon spotted some new box sets they have in at £5 a set - these have previously (apparently) been on Discovery 1) Hubble, 3 DVDs, 2) Stephen Hawking's Universe (with an extra disk) 3) Something about the Universe presented by Morgan Freeman. The Works seem to be doing some real bargins on astronomy stuff at the moment... Rob
  13. Hi, very nice image shame about some of the over-exposure but I'd be well pleased with that - you've caught the different tones of the maria well
  14. That is a very good image - I'd be well pleased with it
  15. The Buran had a greater payload capacity than the shuttle and could launch and land in pretty much any conditions. The programme was stopped as a part of some deal with the USA.
  16. Hi, an index to all Apollo photographs (by camera) is at Apollo Image Atlas once into the camera type the index is broken down by mission which then shows a thumbnail click on that to get the full image as a download. There's also Apollo 12 Image Library Rob
  17. The Works in Middlesbrough now has 3 copies left - I picked one up today. It is a beast of a book mind! Thanks for pointing it out. Rob
  18. Yep, amazing pictures. I was lucky enough to just catch the Press audio conference they gave on them. On the low orbits of LRO they were averaging 25Km above the mean surface the 'real' lowest orbit point was 22km above surface. Due to the orbit there is a resolution of 25cm per pixel in following the orbit by 50cm per pixel in the other direction due to the sheer speed of the orbiter. If all the images received back were burnt onto DVD there would be 52,000 full DVD's!
  19. Wow there's a fair chunk of my time vanishing - great heads up!
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