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  1. Hi Peter and Ron

    Thanks for the links Peter the whole suite doesn't seem to like me too much but going directly into Envisage is fine.... I've always been a follower of the 'if it works keep your fingers crossed' approach when using software. I've been reading SGL since I treat myself to the 'scope in January and it's a bit of the childhood dream fulfilled. Now if I had a car to get to Kielder.... (smile) Rob1961

  2. Thanks Mick, the focus and atmosphere were spot on. The previous three attempts the focus was slightly off - I'm still manual focussing but busy with motors amd switches to help that (I hope!) Until I got the LPI I was using a Lumix Digicam where I had no focus control so it was a bit of luck as to whether or not images were in focus.

  3. Hi everyone, been reading for a while and finally decided to post after playing with my new toy - a Meade LPI imager for a while. Getting it to work under Vista is another story! This is my 4th attempt at an image using Registax 5 and the GIMP to flip and rotate N-S and E-W. I'm pretty pleased at the way Cassini came out. Equipment is a Skywatcher 127 Mak (SupaTrak - tracking on) on an Alt/Az mount. 1378 frames of which 15 ended up being stacked for this image.

    Any comments/ advice really welcome as I am just at the start of the learning curve in imaging using the LPI.

    moon010609_2107-2120UT-LPI withregistax5processing.bmp

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