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  1. Pi, intel NUC, I'm sure an Android TV stick could be reappropriated somehow.
  2. There is also astroboot. Mostly "bits" but occasionally scopes and mounts. I thought you couldn't use the classifieds on this site until you reach 50 posts?
  3. DSLR video quality is amazing, films and TV have been recorded with them (Avengers, black swan, house, Dexter) so don't worry about the general quality of DSLR video. A smaller sensor is likely better for the effective zoom, but I would stick with video for planetary imaging Think about it this way, we use stacking to improve snr and image quality. Video takes pictures quicker than you can hit a shutter. I used to play with webcams and sharpcap but I'm no expert. Find a program that lets you import video from your DSLR and try it out. Nick
  4. A couple of truly fab descriptions there. Thank you Olly and Luna_tic
  5. So the mirror in my 90 degree diagonal went flop and is no longer attached to anything inside the tube/frame. Do I just slap some glue/double sided tape on it and return to action or does it need more thought in alignment and glue types? Should I consider an upgrade of sorts? I use the diagonal on my st80 and skymax 102t so only budget scopes. Thanks Nick
  6. The colour version has real texture, but the mono version pips it for me for some reason. Thanks for sharing
  7. Which bin is it going in? I love a skip raid session...
  8. Thank you for this humbling image. I'm in the colour version too, it has an extra level of subtlelty for me.
  9. That's enough to put me off even attempting to image. Thoroughly stunning.
  10. That list should get everything you need. For a tripod. Bigger and heavier is generally considered better for stability and damping. But any tripod that will take the total weight mounted on it should be acceptable.
  11. That has some stunning wispy detail.
  12. From my experience in the camera industry and much like the medical profession the key is to do no harm so be as un-invasive as possible. 1- leave it 2- leave it. 3- blower. No contact. 4- nudge dust with lightest possible sideways pressure not downward scrubbing pressure, with lightest, cleanest brush that can be found. 5- if really necessary, isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs, hold onto the dirt to soften/loosen then wipe away gently with a minimum pressure and distance moved, rotate the swab as you wipe to lift the dirt away from the glass and minimise scratching. Do not "polish" or rub the glass. Never use dish soap, especially fairy as it's usually full of salts. Oh and invert glass to prevent dust settling on it.
  13. I saw this but didn't realise what it was. Just stood and stared with some binocs for a short while. Then back in and on with the chores.
  14. There's an az4 for £85, az5 for £150 and st102/F10, 150goto for £170 or 200p for £160 on astrobuysell at the moment. Also a celestron 105/f6.5 for £115 Astroboot has a 102mak ota for£105 and a 130 heritage ota for £55 and base for£33. definitely look second hand, bargains are there.
  15. My limited experience seeing the various Chinese scopes is there is probably more variance across manufacturing batches than across manufacturers. Find the best priced of the syntax/gso scopes that meet your specifications. Ensure you buy from a reputable company for the warranty or returns and check it properly when you receive it.
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