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  1. I should be a little clearer on the whole 80/20 thing. I do aspire to the incredible images I've seen here and at Astrobin and I know this is a hobby that will take many years to master, as I said before the learning curve is astounding. Because I'm so new I'm just not sure where I should be focusing my efforts. From reading the forums I can tell that all the flats, bias, longer duration subs, post processing, etc. etc. will help and be required for those images but what I don't have a feel for is how to prioritize these efforts. By looking at the pictures you can probably tell where I'm at im
  2. Blue straggler: These images were taken with a filter on, hence the greenish blue tinge to everything. I'm actually amazed that DSS managed to remove the blue tinge while stacking, I didn't do it, the stacking process got rid of it. I've ordered the IDAS p2 filter as well since everyone speaks so highly of it but the current filter blocks out a LOT of stuff and I still can't seem to get the extended subs. Here is the spectrum on the current filter.
  3. Kalasinman: It's not cropped and I did use the F4 Coma corrector that they say is made for my telescope. It has helped a lot with the coma but it doesn't mean that there might still be some there or I've wondered about collimation. I did just notice the other night that there was dew forming on the primary mirror so I made a little heater to help deal with it. I can't remember if I did that before or after taking these pictures though so I'm wondering if that coma you see might be dew getting in the way? For the Darks I thought that they needed to be taken at the same temperature as the lights
  4. And the imaging camera is a Canon T1I / 500 with no modifications.
  5. Sorry, I should have mentioned the equipment. I don't have a lot of experience with any piece of the kit so I'm still figuring some stuff out. It seems like I get 1-2 days a month to get out with the scope and find that I need to buy something else to bring the images to the next level. The LPS filter was the last piece and these images were the first I've taken with it, and they're the best I've gotten to date. Skywatcher 10" CF Quattro F4 AZ-EQ6 GT Synscan GPS mount Orion Starshoot autoguider Optolong V4 CCD LPS filter Backyard EOS to aquire images PHD2 to guide Thanks, Chris
  6. I'm quite new to imaging and I have to say that the learning curve is astoundingly steep. There is the getting the image side of things and then the whole processing side which seems to be an art of it's own. I've finally got an image that I'm pretty happy with, much better than my previous efforts. What I'm looking for is some suggestions of what I need "more of" to improve it. Sorry that it's yet another M42 image but it's an easy target to practice and try stuff on. I know that there are a lot of areas that will provide improvement but because I've got a limited amount of sky time and time
  7. Hi Nicho, Thanks a bunch. I picked up an M48 t-ring and connected it directly to the CC and that fixed my problem. Cheers, Brym
  8. I recently bought the Skywatcher F4 coma corrector to go with my F4 10" Quattro which it's supposed to be specifically made for. I finally got a chance to try it the other night but couldn't get an image through it at all, not even an out of focus one. I eventually figured out that the focal point was inside the focuser tube by about 1/4". I had to unscrew and remove the black ring at the top with the restraint screws then insert the CC directly into the tube. The focal point seemed to be about 1-2mm back from the top of the focuser housing. The problem is that there is nothing to hold the CC/
  9. The T-ring is the only part that should be brand specific. However, to that T-ring you need to add a 2" nose piece which will have an outer diameter thread that will fit into the Canon/Nikon T-ring. The nose piece then goes directly into the focuser. Cheers, Brym
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